I Don't Care

I am not the type that is pretty enough to care about the latest fashion but only care about what suits my mood and feeling. I like going to thift shops and put something together out of some idea i got. I have  alot of black shoes, and boots. I have a couple of sneakers. I wear them until they are no use to anyone. I don't care what the name brand is as long as I am comfortable in them and I like the style design. Also if I see something new or in  and I like what is actually in I would still incorprate it in my mix of style.

TheStray TheStray
22-25, F
2 Responses Apr 18, 2008

I like classic fashion or the basic black and white thing in dressing up, with regards to casual wear, plain t-shirts and jeans are enough for me<br />
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I'm with you! I've never been into clothes- just give me jeans and a comfortable t -shirt of sweatshirt!