Im obsessed


Not in the obvious way, as I cant afford all my clothes to be designer etc.....


But I can look at an outfit and tell you what designer started that trend.

I can then tell you what model wore it, at what fashion show, for what season.

I can then tell you who copied it, and what models they used.

I can then tell you all about the model(s) used, and what they are now doing, and who they are now the 'face' for.



Im not as bad any more, but I used to always have my nose buried in Vogue, and Ive been known to spend days watching the fashion channel when Im at home. Its awful!


I value practicality a lot, and although I always like to look nice Im willing to make small sacrifices so I can function, but when I get back to London and if Im just going out doing nothing I will 'dress up'. I live in heels. And not boring plain heels, fancy heels, heels that are stupidly high, or slightly fetish, or brightly coloured, or just anything........ Stupidly big skirts are a must, as are shirts, big belts, and jewelery..... all of which i spend hours rummaging round charity shops for.....



recently, as ive been getting more reclusive, ive let myself go slightly, but the passion for fashion is still there, i just dont feel worth the effort it takes to dress up etc.

Tesse Tesse
18-21, F
Dec 28, 2008