Slave to Fashion

Okay. I am a slave to fashion. I don't have to necessarily " dress up", but I have to look hot. I spend almost half of my paycheck on clothes, make-up, new shoes, accessories. I care a lot about how I look. I almost care too much. I don't always wear skirts or dresses. I love my jeans too. I have a lot of low cut shirts. I love wearing necklaces with them.  Everything appeals to me in the world of fashion if it is hott. I love to look good. What more can I say? Oh and the earrings. I have about 100 pairs. My closet is jam packed with everything a girl needs. My bf teases me and says I need to expand it. It is a huge walk in closet. Maybe in another year. LOL
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1 Response Sep 1, 2007

high-heeled boots rock!!!