Size Does Matter

I'm not a slave to fashion, actually the furthest thing you could get from it.  It's not that I don't appreciate it, I'm just not one of those women that looks like I've pulled it all together the right way.  I hate shopping.  Oh well, we all have our challenges.

Isn't it enough I have the contradiction of boobs and a flat *** to deal with?  But no, I also have to be on the tall side for a woman.

For the uneducated, I will explain.  Women's tall sizes begin for those over 5'7".  I'm in the 5'8" - 5'9" range.  Are you beginning to see my issue?  I am clearly in that borderline area.  My daughter says I'd be fine if my legs were longer but that's not exactly anything I can fix, short of surgery.  So the tall sizes are actually for women closer to 5'11", or at least with longer legs than mine.

It's torture trying to find jeans and slacks that fit right.  I can't buy average, too short.  Tall, unless they come in varying lengths ... too long.  Needless to say I'm not a tailor and don't sew.  Well, maybe the occasional button, that's it.  Used to be I might be able to get by with the longer ones because I could shrink them.  Damn that new pre-shrunk denim.

I want new size ranges.  Something in between average and tall.  Like ... "above average" or "semi tall".  If I could just have that, I'll deal with the flat *** issue on my own.


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9 Responses Nov 10, 2009

I agreed I was being insensitive. It wasn't a sarcastic response. The story was meant more in fun than to be serious.<br />
Have a good day. : )

well sarcasm, if you were being so is droll. Imagine people without legs or make your own clothes- i do.

You're right of course, how insensitive of me.

be grateful you have legs and are not in a wheelchair

I am 5'10", and I think I could use another inch!<br />
<br />
I love my height, it maybe the only thing I love about myself.

i'm 5'7 1/2", so right on the border of the area you talk about. i have plenty of challenges finding pants that fit--the ones that are perfect at the waist are too short, the long ones are too big, so frustrating!<br />
<br />
every so often, i find great pants that fit like a glove, and then i wear the heck out of them. i love your idea for new size ranges. i vote for the "semi-tall" line! :)

Jo, take it from me, you girls have it made! ; )

I used to hate being short(5'2''), but now I don't mind at all. Gotta love the petites section ;)

Well, to be honest ... some of us don't! LOL