I Realized It!

Today, Saturday August 18, 2007 realized that I am a fast reader. I skipped the date on a scheduled for next month Interpreters at church. The person I called told me that is the schedule for September. I said that I am a fast reader and sometimes that presents a problem.  I was like: "What?! A fast reader?". In the back of my mind I knew that I am a fast reader, but I did not payed much attention to it. I just devoured books. I can be an avid reader when I want to. Why I am a fast reader? Is there any exercises to improve the talent instead of skipping words from time to time?, or How can I tell that I am ready to take a test if I read fast? I am 45 yrs old and I take college courses. So far, I have A and B grades, but I am not good at math. I hope to be able to read other experiences and tips on how to improve this "talent" and make it work for the best. Thank you for reading my post.
LaNina LaNina
41-45, F
Aug 18, 2007