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A Fat Girl's Thoughts On Sex

Hey,it's me again,sitting here having some naughty thought run through my head.Have you ever noticed that a fat girl has never been put in a sexual light that wasn't the punchline of a cruel joke? I happen to still be a virgin because I'm terrified to take my clothes in front of someone else.I'm scared of being rejected because of what I look like naked.But despite all my misgivings and fears,I can't help but to believe that good sex could be a beautiful experience.Please believe me,I don't have silly notions of things being like they are in movies or romance (which I have to admit,I've read my share),but I would like for it to be a warm,fun,caring experience for both of us.Not something I'll regret and he'll be ashamed of,hide from,and pretend never happened.I want it to be something I can look back on with a smile that makes other people wonder what I'm thinking.
LadyMoonStone LadyMoonStone 36-40, F 15 Responses Jul 8, 2010

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Then you need to make it happen that way! :)

I am "at the opposite end of the spectrum." I am a guy who is tall and skinny. I had great sex with short fat girls (mostly with my girlfriends). OPPOSITES ATTRACT. They were way bigger and stronger than I was while I towered way over them!!!

Hey Girl,

I can totally relate to this post. I started gaining wait when I was put on medication for mental health. At my lowest I weighted 140 and then 165 and then when put on meds I am now up to 230. My self-esteem plummeted when it came to weight. Everyone who knew me my whole life kept asking, "why can't you be skinny like you were." All I can say to you is yes, some men may think that you're ugly because your fat. But, those men are egotistical bastards who have been shaped by societies pressures. A real man and a man worth dating will look at your spirit and look at your coating and think that you are the most beautiful women he's ever met both inside and out. Overweight women CAN BE GORGEOUS. It's all about confidence, how you hold yourself and how your smile glows. I personally think Queen Latifa is one of the most gorgeous celebrities out there. Yea, she may be overweight, but she's gorgeous and her spirit is also gorgeous. Plus, beauty is about more than just weight. It includes your skin color, your eyes, your lips, your hair. I have been lucky enough to find a man in my life who does think I'm gorgeous. He's honest with me and says that yea, I am technically overweight, but he thinks that I am gorgeous anyway. He loves my body and my spirit. I've never felt ashamed to show my body to him because I know he won't judge. You have to test your confidence out on a man you really trust. Don't let it be any man on the street. Let it be a man that loves you for who you are and you know wouldn't judge you just because of weight. Those are the keepers anyway. I think back on when I was skinny and frankly, I had ****** boyfriends. Why? Because they only liked me for my body. Now, I know I'll get a nice one, and I have :).

Overweight women are stunning, sexy, and fun! :)

I wouldnt be as attracted physically to my wife if she was under 200lbs. It not a fetish either. She just has great sexy way bigger than average curves which i find sexy. Now if she got to where she was only 160lbs i would still want and love her. But i like her the way she is. She dont need to change for me.

All you gottta do is find the right guy. There are lots of us that like soft, plump, ladies.

I wouldn't mind a woman like you.

not all men see these things that way - you fall in love. Attraction come from confidence too. If you do not think ur not attractive, who will think you are.

That's right :) Love yourself and others will love you too for your personality and for your curves :) xox

Yup! :)

I love big girls and how soft and sexy there big bodies can be. Im a guy and im very big myself (455lbs) and I think its so sexy for a girl to be big and soft.

I love big girls :) Everyone needs love!

Dont worry. I gained a bunch of weight and I was worried about that too. I found more men love me with my extra padding than not. Dont worry and just go have fun!

Women love their man fat too!

you can have sex without being naked , i have had sex with lots of girls who have just taken of their panties,,and some who have not

I particularly agree with the last comment on this list it was labeled 6. I personally find fat very erotic. jorourke

Great post and great responses!! Let me add to the previous comments to say that I was recently having this discussion with a man, and he told me that most men care about the woman, and not so much what she looks like. If he is interested in you, he's not going to care that you are not a Barbie doll twig. It's YOU he wants!<br />
<br />
I thought about what he said, and I do know that for myself, if I am interested in a man, I don't care what he looks like. It's "him" I want, and that includes everything that is "his"... mind and body. The idea that men could feel this way too, about women, was an eye opener for me!!<br />
<br />
So, don't sell yourself short, or the guy! Your inbox has to be flooded with offers to de-flower you since you said you are still a virgin!! :-) There are plenty of men who will like you for who you are!!

I also feel that large and SSBBW ladies have a great deal to offer especially for the right guy.