Yeah, I Got My Chuncks.

Well, right now I'm at one eighty something...probably one ninety...WHY?!?!?
Ugh! I ******* hate being fat...yeah, I know what ur saying, "STOP EATING!!"
I really but I guess I eat a lot in one serving? Idk...ok, I'm out.
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1 Response Jul 15, 2010

Just curious. Is that you in the pic? How tall are you?<br />
<br />
I'm over weight now, but in the past I was in reasonable shape and that damn number on the scale was still 175. I know you can't go by what people say (because they might be trying to spare your feelings ) but once in college I was visiting with a female race horse trainer who got her start as an exercise rider. She kept telling me I wasn't too big to exercise horses at the track since other rides might be as much as 140. I told her "not even close. I'm 180." She was floored, so that made me think "I guess I do carry it well," as they say. <br />
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My point to that long tangent is that <br />
<br />
1. you don't look "180" in that pic. <br />
2. Who says 180 is fat? It depends on your own body. It is huge on some but not on others. I'd probably look less than healthy below 160, and I'm only 5'4".<br />
3. If you feel fit and have energy, then the number is just a number. Right now I have clothes from 14 to 20 that fit. Its just a number. Yeah, I'd like it to be a smaller number, but the number doesn't determine how fat I am any more (ok sometimes it does on a bad day). Mostly I go by how I feel and what I can do.