And I Am Ok With That!

For nearly as long as I can remember I have been fat, chubby, overweight.. or whatever you want to call it. My mother has always made it seem like being fat is one of the worst things you can be. I have had friends with eating disorders and most friends I have are thin.

Lately I have been thinking more about why I have hated my body.  It seems the reasons all come directly from other people. Other people telling me that fat is equivalent to ugly. Hearing people say they rather be dead than fat. Looking at a society that shuns fat.

But why? Why is it that having extra weight is such a crime?! Many claim its because of health reasons. I no longer buy that. I think by stigmatizing fat so much its causing tons more damage than being fat has.

Why can't I be beautiful?! I can be! There are people who can see beyond what society has dictated. people that are more open.. or just have different preferences.

I am tired of hating my body! What good is hating it doing? I'm not saying that being obese is a healthy lifestyle. and I am not promoting overeating or gluttony. Some people are just bigger! And I could be wrong.. but I would think that being a bit overweight is healthier than being underweight.. I don't know.

I think beauty comes in all sizes, shapes and colors. I just wish I saw this sooner!
Tacit Tacit
22-25, F
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Yeah, fat is too demonized in our society. It should be celebrated!

Never worry about your weight... unless they need to cut holes in your house and use a forklift to move you out. Hubby is 6-2 280, I'm 5-9 190, we both run 5K's, hike, bike, and enjoy ourselves when we go out. Do not let society or someone else dictate what you should look or feel like.

YAYAYAYAYAAY!!! I am so thrilled you have come to this realization!! You are going to love and be loved more if you are comfortable being who you truly are. Most of us are not skinny..I like women with curves a lot...and I believe there are many who do...ENJOY being you and enjoy all that is sound like you have taken the steps..and maybe you are have my support!!!

Beauty does indeed come in ll shapes and sizes, just remember curves rule!!!

Right on! Being a little overweight isn't a crime and you are still beautiful


I prefer full figure women and look for healthy attitudes for the mind and personality come first for I have dated models with very bad attitudes / personalities which turn me completely off.<br />
I love and adore curves and my perspective is if I wanted to date or have a stick woman I would send my dog to fetch it in the forest, btw I do not own a dog. Smiles

I am bulimic and a lot of what you say resonates with me. My focus now is to eat healthy without binging and be happy with how I am. I eat some bad stuff because part of normal eating is enjoying the good stuff. Just not too much though. I try most of the time to eat an unprocessed healthy diet and I think your weight will settle out where it should be. Soda is the devil though. Bad for everything in my mind.

I am actually doing a collum story on something similar do you mind if i quote the part where you talk about Lately you have been thinking more about why you have hated your body, i think it could take this collum to the next level?

Hi, you are very pretty. I am overweight too, recovering from bulimia, and still trying to be happy with my body. Would you like to be friends?

when i married my wife i told her size and weight don't bother me at all. its whats in the heart is what i fell in love with. shes not obese, yes under weight can cause just as much problems as being over weight

I think you're really pretty! I've always had a soft spot for chubby girls with pretty faces like yours :)

You are you, be happy with that. Your also correct in that everyone comes in different shapes and sizes. As long as your happy with who you are, that is the most important thing in life , you can't go thru life trying to be someone else. I know it sound cliche but the beauty starts in your personality and radiates outwards.I do not have the perfect models body but I and my wife am happy with who we are. Living up to societies standards isn't a mentaly healthy idea either. Love yourself and it will be contagous, everyone will love you for that.

hear hear!!!!!! I started losing weight this year for the first time for me, but before I lost too much I went and had great photo's done. I always felt sexy! Man my pics were sexy! I was a size 26. <br />
<br />
I am now almost a 22 and still feel sexy. I don't ever want to be thinner than a 18 if i can help it.. My health demanded i give up sugar and that I am allergic to wheat - the rest is a by product. But I never had a problem finding new partners or people to really love all of me. :) <br />
<br />
My hubby gets insecure when I lose weight - he worries the rest of the world wil see how amazing I am!

You are very cute. Fat is not ugly. Don't listen to anyone telling you negative things. Learn to block them out. If your happy, screw all that have negative things to say to you.

You do have a pretty face.i would like to kiss you.

Fat or not, ppl's beauty shines from within. People must appreciate you as a woman. You just deserve respect and true love. I wish you happiness :)))

You are all too sweet! I hope everyone can be happy with the body they are in! It is beautiful no matter what.

This story is sooo inspirational, and I could definitely see it being in seventeen magazine. When I saw your picture I thought you were pretty, and after reading your story learned that you were pretty awsome.

Hey I know what its like.. feel free to talk to me ! I am frustrated as well sometimes when i don't have someone to talk about it

you tell 'em! <br />
<br />
welcome to the cool kids club, hah.

This is a great post but then why are thin people so happy? Why can I be happy and thin? Sorry, this post isn't about me but I'm really glad that you love your body; that is the best thing someone can do.

Honey you are beautiful, celebrate it. Revel in it. LOve yourself, you deserve it, despite what "she" said, some how I doubt that she is perfect.

You are gorgeous. and beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.<br />
I adore being curvy and plump, and love the sensuality of it all.<br />
Adore yourself and others will adore you.

You have to be happy with the way you are or take the steps to be the way you want to be. From reading your story, it sounds like you do like yourself the way you are. Enjoy it. Take a positive attitude. I love being very fat - i have for a long time. I think I denied mysefl that happiness for quite a while. Now at over 380 and still gaining, I love the way I am.

You are a lovely young lady and I'm glad you came around to seeing that. : )

I was thin and hated it. Now I am fat and have never been happier. I am very healthy just love food and hate to work out. I wouldnt be thin again for anything

Love yourself first. It's contagious.

Thank you so much :)

personality counts.:-)

Just looking at your photo there proves that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. You Miss Tacit are most definitely a beautiful fat girl, showing that it's not impossible to be both big and attractive.