A Fat Girls' Thoughts On Weight Loss

You know,I'd appreciate a little honesty when people lose weight. I hate when they lie about why they lost weight.I've never really met a person who lost weight because of health reasons.And please spare me me the complete falsehood of losing weight for themselves.Do they really expect me to believe that they give up all the foods they love,go through all the pain of grueling workout routines,and rip themselves apart in front of the mirror everyday to make themselves happy.Oh please.If they wanted to make themselves happy,they'd have a steak and a baked potato instead of a watercress salad and wheatgrass juice.They'd snuggle under the covers with a good book,watch a good movie or game or play their favorite video game instead of getting up at an ungodly hour in the cold,the rain and the snow and go jogging.They don't do it to make themselves happy.They do it to please someone else,not to please themselves.As a matter of fact,pleasing themselves is an afterthought.I know because I walked down this road.I so badly wanted someone I cared about that I was willing to harm myself to become thin.I was willing to do anything to be thin.Then I had an epiphany.If he doesn't care about me now,hurting myself wasn't going make that fact change.If you lost weight and now you're happy with yourself,that's great.But,don't lie about why you did it be cause I've been there and I know better.
LadyMoonStone LadyMoonStone
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3 Responses Jan 2, 2011

Yes. In practice, I think this is generally quite true. Some people may really be worried about their own health, but I've found that most of the time, when a person loses weight for "health reasons," those reasons were brought to their attention by a loved one.

I always feel like my body image is not good so that is what gets me motivated, getting off track occasionally. I'm a size 12 and some days it sounds so horrible and it's really only horrible in everyone elses eyes.

I completely agree and I've been down that road too. Now I exercise because it feels good after and it can be a good thing to take things off my mind. Also, after I overeat it helps me feel better but by no means do I run everyday (although I am impressed and - I admit - jealous of those who can do that).