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My parents went through a bitter separation and I started gaining weight. 16 years later the weight never left. "Thank God you're tall!", people tell me. But, then again most are afraid of me. I look like a over-sized Amazon woman! (Remember futurama, snoo-snoo?) After I turned 8, I've always been between a size 18-24. So far I'm a little over 300 and a size 22. I'm almost 5'10 so that's not that bad. I still excersize and take walks, no doubt. I'm a big woman, that's just what I am!

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2 Responses Feb 20, 2011

Thanks. Actually, being taller means I got made fun of more. Height and weight, you know? But, I survived it. I appreciate the comment.

As someone who's just an inch over 5 feet tall, I envy your stature! Also, I;m sorry about your parent's separation. That must have been extremely hard to bear, and I admire your strength.