A Fat Girl's Thoughts On Tlc's Large Women

I thought it was funny to be fat when I was eight.  My dad of big belly himself and I would belly-bounce against each other.  "Belly button power....Unite!"  I was a super hero.

Haha.  I was a happy chunky kid, but I kind of lived in my own magical world.  I had a brilliant older brother, a great treehouse, but not really any girl friends.

I never worried about being pretty.  I just tried to survive the social order.  I had issues with LD's, and usually people showed more concern regarding that rather than my size.

I was eleven or  twelve when older girls in my gym class stole my underwear after showers.  Sounds like, the movie Angus, huh?  Well, luckily my underwear didn't go up the flagpole, but girls are so much meaner.  I remember cowering in the corner-- naked, waiting for them all to stop laughing.

My parents enrolled me in sports and things like that to help me with my confidence.  By thirteen I stretched out.

I came home from college this Christmas, and my brother made some comment to his girlfriend about how well I could put food away.  I know he didn't mean anything by it, but I remember feeling really angry.  Sometimes I hear comments about how so and so has "sure put on weight" and "D'you know Sheila?  Oh you know, the chunky one."  I know I'm being sensitive, but I really think it's offensive for people to say those things in such a derogatory way.  Like being skinny makes for a better class of people.

I guess once a fat girl-- always a fat girl.  I watch something like 2-Ton mom on TLC and wept through the whole thing.  She was stuck in this house too embarrassed and too big to go outside.  Her clothes didn't fit her.  Doctors and nurses weighed and prodded her rolls.  I know they were trying to help, but I just hated that ashamed look on her face.  Some of that show's appeal was the freak-out factor, but in a way I guess I'm glad I know only  a little what it's like to be fat.  I was cheering when she started to lose weight, not because of the scale but because of that look of determination on her face.  She wasn't going to let fat stop her from living full.

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18-21, F
Aug 20, 2011