Fat Forever

When I was younger I was normal weight but I always had to struggle to keep it that way. Towards 16 I started getting a bit chubby and I didn't like it. Then my parents said that there was nothing wrong with being fat. I slacked off my dieting/ excersising after that and started getting a bit fat. I decided I didn't mind being fat and started getting bigger. My friends always liked to see how much I could eat in one go and we all have fun guessing how much I can eat. My friends still encourage me about my weight and one of them even caught on and decided to get fat too. I'm still the fattest by a long shot but I enjoy it very much and I hope I get really fat. Currently at about 297 and not stopping until at least 450. I'm going to stay fat and keep it like that forever.
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31-35, F
3 Responses Sep 25, 2011

How fat did your friend get?

Had any boyfriends? Have any made you feel as pretty and sexy as you have grown to be? I know there are many of us out there that would love to rub that belly and treat you like you always wanted!

That's great! I don't think I could be anything other than fat! It's too much fun!