I Love Food And It Shows <3

I don't like to be huge but i love a huge swollen squishy belly :) I have trouble feeling sexy being big all around, but a lot of y'all BBW's can pull it off with killer confidence. So go you! Anyway, he's like my sole mate. I can be funny with him. Also, people think I'm always really lazy. nahhh i can be but i love acting, hiking, and kayaking on my spare time. I'm getting really of topic here so here it goes. I love food and it shows. a week ago i was shopping with my friends and we were trying on dresses. I had just ate a huge lunch. ( two paninis with a cup of potato coup with cucumbers and carrots dipped in hummus I LOVE HUMMUS) My friend's getting married and we were getting brides maids dresses last minute. She does everything last minute. Good thing Jeff is like OCD and a stresser so he can get her together. Oh Jeff is my bud who's marrying her. i struggled to get into the largest size they had of that dress. I had to get all five girls to help get it on me. We were all sweating by the end. Suddenly, the zipper burst off. Everyone was staring at my watermelon of my belly while it jiggled uncontrollably. Also, My friend Jane (who has been hanging around me often) has gotten herself a little belly. She couldn't get into her dress, so she went up a size ... and then another. I think it's hilarious that she hasn't noticed a thing. So, me and her had a double girls night. I forgot how, but Jane won a two night stay free in a fancy hotel. Me and her spent two days eating and eating and eating and eating. She was ordering take out with me everyday with me too. Our boyfriends are on a week long camping/canoeing/fishing trip. I've also noticed that she gains and bloats SO SO SO SO easily. It was fun to watch or stomachs grow. She was basically living at my house that week. Her clothes busted at the seams. She patted her tummy "i think the little thing is getting just i little chubby. Maybe i shouldn't be eating this much..." I was like "a little!" she smiled and helped herself to more calorie packed junk food. All the food was soooo good. We were sooo out of shape though. We were like sweating trying to go up the stairs. I bent over to pick up a choco bar and my pants split. After that, I've gained alot but she gained a TON! She had to borrow some of my pants. Her shirt would mostly still fit,but alot would roll up at her new tummy. We tryed on our dresses again and ours didn't fit! We are either gonna get a wrap or a corset or something or my health nut (who isn't the typical shove it in your face health nut) To help us work out and go on a fast. What do y'all think?

P.S. Sorry for the randomness and rambling, I just had two cups of coffee.
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2 Responses Sep 22, 2012

I'm so proud of you two! You ate like champions! :)

It sounds like you enjoy your growing belly more than you want to conform to what others think you should look like. When you stop enjoying eating and growing, then's the time to stop. You don't have to do anything you don't want to. Relax!