I'm in two minds. I like fat girls because I have this crazy idea that they need love too. But as one myself, I'm kind of concerned that BBW admirers will only like me because I'm fat. Like there is so much more to me than my fat. I'm a deep thinker, a passionate person, a wicked sense of humour, curiosity for days, the kind of girl who needs to juggle several things at once to keep her life busy and exciting. There's so much more time than my appearance.
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That's true about appearance. However, it is an inescapable fact that appearance is what guys are hardwired by nature to be physically attracted to. Still, lots of guys like fat girls just like lots of guys like skinny girls. In fact, it is quite common for a skinny guy to be attracted to a fat girl (and for a fat girl to be attracted to a skinny guy!!!). I am a tall skinny guy. I am attracted to short fat girls, especially when a short fat girl is way bigger and stronger than I am while I tower way over her. I had a girlfriend who was very short and very fat. AND VERY STRONG!!! In sharp contrast, I was very tall and very skinny. AND VERY WEAK!!! I towered over her by an incredible sixteen inches while she outweighed me by an equally incredible sixty-five pounds!!! The muscles underneath her fat were WAY BIGGER than mine (my muscles were TINY compared to hers!!!). A tall skinny guy like me being easily outlifted in weightlifting by a short fat girl like her, especially in the clean-and-jerk (lifting a barbell overhead), always turns me on so it really turned me on when, near the beginning of our relationship, she easily outlifted me in weightlifting by lifting a big, heavy, fully-loaded barbell over her head that I tried to lift over my head but that I couldn't even get above my knees (her arms were LIKE BOULDERS while my arms were LIKE TWIGS!!!). I knew right then and there that I was beaten so I immediately conceded defeat. And then came the wrestling match. My towering height over her was of no help to me. She was simply too big and too strong. I didn't stand a chance. I suddenly found myself being lifted way up into the air by her and then I was downed and pinned by her in less than ten seconds!!! Again, I immediately conceded defeat. Finally came arm wrestling. My arms being longer than her arms didn't matter, either. She slammed "my good arm" (my right arm) straight down!!! I can only wonder what she would have done with my weaker arm (my left arm). I immediately conceded defeat a third time. Afterward, she and I stood in front of each other, with her looking way up at me while I was looking way down at her. I was bare chested. It was incredible how much taller I stood than she did. In fact, I stood so much taller than she did that my nipples actually rose well above her mouth!!! I continued looking way down at her while she continued looking way up at me when she and I suddenly began kissing each other gently, tenderly and passionately while we both proceeded to gently but firmly caress each other. I towered over her to the point where she was actually looking straight ahead at my nipples while she was caressing them with her broad thumbs. She was every bit as tender as she was strong!!! I could tell that she was just as much turned on defeating me as easily as she did as I was being so easily defeated by her. However, because it was early in our relationship, we both knew it was still too early for us to "go all the way" so kissing and caressing each other was as far as she and I went that day. Still, I was totally unable to control my lust at that point. In fact, I became so much turned on being kissed and caressed by her, especially after she so easily defeated me in all three contests, that I politely excused myself and then I went straight into the bathroom where I immediately "stroked it" all the way through to climax (while setting all-time personal records for distance of "squirting" and volume of discharge!!!) -- without even letting her know what I was doing in there!!!

absolutely- To me there is not difference between a guy that prefers thin women than one that prefers BBW women. Their looks is part of the whole package. Men objectify thin women and pick them solely based on looks all the time, yet BBWs are always worried about it. But they are always hate it when that same objectification leaves them not feeling wanted.

I say find a man that likes your size, otherwise it will always be a problem in the relationship, then the next step is to filter the inner you to see if that like that too.