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I wasnt always "fat". before 16 years old i was a steady 120lbs. When i had my first daughter i balooned to 210lbs. I had my second daughter and lost 20 of it. I am only 20 years old and feel like at 20 u should be so fat. I miss my old body and hope to somehow get back to close t that.

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1 Response Feb 19, 2010

you sound like the oppist from me im under weight an have bin trying to put waghit on for 5 years an still havent but i will let you no somethink i found a wile ago they done an exsperment on prisnors to put weght on they all eat the same an startid of the same size the thing is they all dint get fat only half even lo they eat the same the thing is they proved that it was in your dna so what it means is that is people like you an me will stay the way we are cus it was the way we were made you can be skinng but the thing is your body will always be fighting you so its a battel your be doing to the day you die if i was you just be happy with what you got im just happy i only have a weght problem an not born deformd