One and Only Child Now a Man

He is my only offspring.  Things just happened that way. Even though I like kids I never had an idea in my head to have a certain amount of children, probably because as a male you don`t have to bear them but I have no regrets that we did`nt have more. Anyway in my (totally biased ) opinion he`s  made me proud so far. It`s not bad to be able to say with all the bad things happening out there that he never got in to any trouble. Of course I will never know his secrets and I don`t presume he`s a candidate for sainthood but there has never been a law enforcement knock on our door. The best part for me is we`ve been able to retain a good buddy relationship despite the upheavals of the teenage years.



rickykel rickykel
1 Response Mar 26, 2009

And that my friend speaks volumes.