My Kids Are Very Special

I have four children - 18 (boy), 12 (twin girls) and 11 (boy). They are the most special things in my life. Growing up in a family of all boys, I was very anxious about having girls (especially two of them) but I have leaned so much for them. Each of my kids is unique and that is one of the special experiences of having kids - watching them grow and develop their own personalities. My oldest is off to college in the fall and I will miss him, but I know this is life - you raise them the best you can and then you set them free into the world. Just let them know you will be there for them - soften the bumps and celebrate the accomplishments.

I travel for work from time to time and I miss my kids terribly when I am gone, but it makes the time we are together all the more special.
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Jul 26, 2010