All Seeing, All Knowing

The moment my son was born, he and I were raced to infant care and his mother was raced to post-op.

I held him, swathed, for hours in a rocking chair while he quietly stared at me. They say babies can't see that young but he knew exactly who I was, where he was, and why. I've never seen such pure wisdom.

From that day I have always believed that he actually chose me to be his dad; that he watched from the other side and came when the time was right. And I knew I had been been forgiven and my life had truly begun.

I think the wisdom wears off very quickly so that our children don't become abominations.

He's 14 now. Horrible pizza face (acne). And a snotty couch potato, Mountain Dew attitude. He's brilliant, brave, sensitive and caring. He's becoming twice the man I'll ever be.

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1 Response Dec 30, 2007

That story made me smile inside and out.