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My son
When my son was born I was their in the delivery room I was second person to hold him first a doctor then me. That moment I thought my heart would burst I did cry out of happiness. I then handed him to a nurse to get checked out and all that stuff. But that was and still is the best day of my 48 year old life.
My son is the light of my life there is no doubt of that. Right after he was born my wife took the first three months of his life off on maternity leave but I would rush home and take care of him all night and her as well. Then after three months she went back to work and I took the next 3 months off for maternity? Paternity leave? Whatever it is.
            From that moment on he was MY responsibility mom has never taken him to or picked him up from daycare by herself. I do that everyday I am working, if his school is closed or he is sick or anything I take that day off. My wife works a lot and different hours she is a GREAT provider. I do the best I can with my son and always get comments from friend’s relatives and even just people saying “what a great dad” and all I think is I am an OK dad I am always shooting for being a good dad.  My typical work day goes like this
 430 am awake and make coffee take shower and get dressed for work.
515 am son usually awakes and I make him breakfast get him dressed and ready for daycare (lately this includes doing his laundry because we are going through the night time potty training)
0615 leave for daycare
0630 drop him off at daycare and stay and play and greet other kids until about 715 then go to work
415-500 pm pick him up from daycare and get him a snack on the way home
500-530 play do homework (he is three that means draw and practice letters)
530- 600 dinner
600 630 bath time
650- 7pm get jimmies on and get to bed at 730
bedtime is 730 at which time I read him a story or two then lay on floor next to his bed and place a hand on him and tell one more story then kiss and hug then I stay there till he falls asleep usually around 8 or 830 than I get up clean dinner mess do laundry and other stuff and go to bed around 10 pm
My son seems to think I am a good daddy as do most of his friends and yep even his friend’s moms at daycare.
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2 Responses Feb 28, 2011

Happy fathers day!!!! How was your day today? Ok on to the comment: i can see that you are a GREAT dad especially if both the parents at your sons daycare AND your son say that say that you are.... Not OK but GREAT!!!! its great that you are dedicated to your son no matter what. You said that his mother doesnt really do anything and that you do just about everything... And my life is literally just like that: my mom does NOTHING and my dad does EVERYTHING! my parents are divorced and my dad has full custody of me and my 2 brothers... All of us love him alot, i mean ALOT and we always try our best to please him. Because of how my parents act and how they treat us, i LOVE my daddy and VERY STRONGLY DISLIKE my mom... Hopefully your don doesnt turn out that way and turns out loving both you and his mom equally! :)

Should be titled "A Super Dad". It's hard work but you will get the love back a hundred fold, your son will certainly never forget all you've done for him.