Not A Father But A Single Mother

Just wish I knew what to do.  I am sure my son is missing out on some things not having a father.  Sometimes I google Father for Rent or Father for Hire to see if there is such a thing.  Sometimes I am mad at myself for letting this happen to me.  I love my son but I know he deserves a loving father.
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ty so much Hoping!! You are giving me courage. That's what I want, I want to see my son doing stuff like that and I suppose I can let him guide me through the mud puddles haha.

Yes you can! After all we don't need men to do that... we do clean up pretty well =)

great comments :) you don't have to be the best at everything but showing up and trying will getter done :)

Bella, I am also a single parent, I left my ex when he was a baby (newborn) at that. I often wondered some of the same questions you have. One of the positive things my son did was joined cub (boy) scouts. Always needing a parent to attend (yes that would be me), I ended up camping, learning how to cook on fires, etc... not only did we have a great time together, it was also great bonding for me with other parents. Now we have a blast camping, riding ATV's, etc together, he's 13 and amazes me all he knows. But, I do thank some positive male role models in his life. He's doing everything a boy should. Just join in... and you will both have a blast... ;) I know your a great Mother I can read and feel it!

many boys grow up with fathers that would be better off without, be the best mom you can and he will do just fine

Thanks Teutonic! I do try my best.

my daughter doesn't have a father because of death ..but we do have alot of males that love her like a daughter i think she will be ok

I'm sorry to hear that goodseemore! Thanks for sharing <3

you certainly can.<br />
Men need to know how to maintain a home. Need to know how to love, how to treat others, how to play, how to sing, dance and explore their own interests.<br />
Oh and why can't you take him to ball games or go lizzard catching?

I will! =)

Why not? mine is three and we play street hockey in our back alley :) They wont ever know their missing out on anything if you just play with them.. I think I actually do more things then the "father" would have.. he never liked to get his shirt dirty or anybody touch his hair.. even his own son was not allowed to ride on his shoulders cause he would pull his hair :(... Bella your doing a great job and dont forget it... He is lucky to have a mother like you... :)

Oh ThreeMarys you're awesome! I can already see you playing street hockey lol.

Thank you Azaliea. I just wish I had a list of to-do things, like take him to ba<x>seball games, show him how to catch lizards, I don't know. Can I teach him how to grow up and become a man?

Being a single parent certainly isn't easy. We just have to take comfort in the fact that we are doing the best we can with what we have.<br />
Instill good morals and ethics, sprinkle in compassion, passion and direction. Be stern but love openly and freely. Always listen despite knowing they are wrong, trust easily but always be one step ahead of them. Laugh with them often and seldom cry. Give them guidelines with certain liberties and watch them grow.<br />
When it comes time to set them free, feel good knowing you did your darn best.