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It Takes More Then A Teaspoonful...

They say it takes more then just a teaspoonful of ***** to make a man into a Father. You know what they are right, any guy can become a dad. That part is easy. Becoming a Father is a whole other thing. A Father is a man who is there for his child/ren even when he cannot be. When he can talk with them over a phone or online. We see a lot of Dad's, but in those shinning rare instances do we see the Father. This is the man who is both supporting of his child, but also demanding that their child be held to account. While a Father may also take some of the burden of responsibility for their child. They also ensure that their child feels that same weight. As a Father we stand apart from the Dad's, the Dad's are their kids buddies and friends. Fathers we are the parents who are not friends, we are sometimes unfair in our dealings but only because we know how hard the world is and that life does nto give second chances. As a Father we are the ones who tell our kids that Life has no reset button.
Michael820 Michael820 46-50, M 3 Responses Jul 18, 2011

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What you mean is a parent. Doesn't mean someone is a father doesnt make them a parent

Wow I could not have said this better myself. My ex is a prime example of someone who is not a father to our daughter after 10 years now he is trying to be "something" with to my thoughts he has ulterior motives as usual. I could be wrong but he has never been around at all and for long time not even financially....hmmmm

I slightly disagree with you.I say any man can father a child but BECOMING a father or dadis different. Afather or dad is there no matter if he still loves the mother or not..He protects ,comforts,and supports his children.A "man" who simply fathers a child (like on daytime talkshows Maury Povich),often denys or refuses to support his child.