Never Give Up

So i have been separated from my wife for 4 years now and have never heard the words your doing a good job or that im a good dad from her.Dont get me wrong!I dont need to hear that from her but it does hurt ........until now.Ive kept my mouth shut,respected her,treated her with dignity and love.And for my little girl,we have the best relationship and i love her with all my heart.Anyways a couple of days ago while laying in bed i recieved a text from my ex saying how much she has appreciated everything i have done for our little 4 year old.I dont know where that comment came from but it made my heart glow and my eyes water up with joy.So what im trying to say is you might not hear it all the time or sometimes you might feel like giving up.But just remember you are doing a great job and your are an important part of your childs life.And if you havent head that from your ex,your hearing it from another single father who does appreciate your hard work and your struggle.Its because of you and your support that gives me hope and strength to care on.Thanks for letting me share.God bless.
cedrekd cedrekd
31-35, M
Jan 21, 2012