Single Father

I am a father of three kids two are mine biologically and one I have taken care of since she was 1 years old I'm married to there mom but getting a divorce she left us cause of drug addiction (heroin , pills) they where more important I guess to her then me and the kids
well anyway I'm trying my best here being a father is hard for me I'm 40 years old kids are young 1, 4, 6 years old they are a hand full but I love them all I hope to become a better father like my father he was the best so I try to think what would he do well much love to all that take on the roll of being a father it hard but worth all the work
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i too was a single dad. i was lucky enough to have help from my mom when i needed it. now im married to a woman who has never had any kids. i have a question. did your wife have any problems at first with the kids and assuming some of the work. my wife has the hardest time with the simplest of things. and tells me i am putting everything on her.

I was raised primarily by my father, and older sister. My birth mother died when I was 16 months old, and my dad (who was a traditional bread winner and knew nothing about being a "mom"), suddenly found himself with a 7-year old and me.<br />
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I know it was probably one of the toughest things he had to deal with, and I must say I know I was loved (deeply) by him. <br />
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He was there for us, and never left us behind. Your kids will need their dad there for them, and always know you will never leave them, and take care of them, etc.<br />
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I am thankful for the one stable force in my life. He died many years ago, but I can tell you that I miss him to this day, and every bit of his sacrifice for us is more than appreciated, and missed.<br />
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It's worth every price you have to pay, as long as your kids know they are loved, and their dad will always be there, no matter what.

I am sure you will do quite well. Thinking that you want to be the best you can be and always striving to do better is the mark of a true father. Your quick story and examples are to me what men should strive to be as fathers. Thanks for posting and good luck to you.

you wil have a hard job i think but i also think it canbe very rewarding

I am sure you will do a great job! Remember all parents have made a mistake or two while parenting, I know I have. Also, ask for God's help some times.