Dad Vs Father

I don’t know what it is to be a DAD vs a father I can only guess a Father is a biological component of a child BUT a DAD is much more.
I will start by saying I am a DAD my son is almost 5 years old now and from the day he was born I was the first to hold him and that was it he was MINE.  Because both me and mommy work he has been going to daycare since he was about 6 months old in that time mommy never once has taken him to OR from daycare he is my life. And I would have to say my Father was a father not a dad he was a drunk and not mean just neglectful of kids I would say mom was wonderful and made up for my father but even if I did call him dad (he passed away when I was 11) he was not really much of a dad and I think that’s part of why I am what I am. The fact of my dad dieing at a young age and even when he was alive he was hardly ever involved with any of us kids. Made me miss having a DAD don’t take this wrong I loved my dad a lot but looking back I know he was NOT a good dad. I on the other hand am very involved with every aspect of my sons life we come home from daycare and sit and do homework or play or even discuss dinosaurs ( he LOVES them) we sometimes wrestle or just watch movies together but its RARE for me to be anywhere except work without him. He helps me grocery shop clean the house do laundry you name it if I am there so is he.
                                I am striving to be his friend and mentor as well as a dad and yes that does mean ON occasion I have to discipline BUT luckily that’s rare.  We have a great time and a pretty good life due to a little drawback of mommy works a lot and I am the primary caregiver. ( not getting into that now ) DADS are good dads are great they are better than chocolate cake to quote my 4 year old. And I have to agree but I also am a little biased and wonder who had a GREAT dad do they try and emulate them or do they become more of a workaholic just curious on that if your dad was OR IS great. Does that change your outlook? So anyways as the primary caregiver secondary bread winner I feel I contribute as much in tim and effrt to our children as my wife does to her job and I am also wondering about the femaile making more money thing is that an issue too?
                 So now on to DAD vs father a father to me is the male head of household and the boss and yes even the disciplinarian. A man that demands respect and you may love him dearly for his stalwartness but wouldn’t exactly say he was a doting father. There are some great aspects to having that type of family as well but hard for me to say as we all have our own preconceived notions. But a dad on the other hand is more of a secondary boss and more into making the children learn to laugh as well as to enjoy some things in life but to be as balanced as possible. A dad is a friend mentor and male role model of a different  sort.
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Ok, my dad would be considered a dad because he is AWESOME!!! and so would you ba<x>sed on some of your other posts :)

There is no difference between "Dad" and "Father" other than spelling. The words mean the same thing. Some misandrists have recently been trying to create a difference where there is none, mostly for the purpose of bashing men again. But all dads are fathers and all fathers are dads. One word means the other.

You sound like a good dad. <br />
<br />
My dad worked or slept a lot while i was growing but he was and still is the set of arms i fall into when i need support.<br />
<br />
I was a lucky kid i grew up with my daddy, my gradpa who was like a second dad and my one unkle that was my other dad so i always had support, guidance and even fater dauhter fights but i was so lucky.<br />
<br />
I learned in the last couple of years how lucky i was. My grandpa died little over a year ago and my uncle at the end of last month. I miss them both so much. Now i charish the time i have with my dad even more

having NOT one but sort of three dads is fantastic and just seeing this line
"but he was and still is the set of arms i fall into when i need support." makes me happy cause i am my sons arms and sad cause i didnt have that

Yeah its nice to have. I try to be that for my younger cousin/sister since i helped raise her. Parenthood is the hardest but greatest thing she taught me that