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True, Kind Of

Yes, I am a father, but in name only since I have seen him only twice when he was real young. I was a father for the one week that his elder brother survived his premature birth, but my rights as a parent were taken away from the younger while I was gone. His mother's new husband adopted him and he doesn't know I exist or that he has a whole extended family. I can only wait until he reaches 18 and then try and reach out to him and let him know that we are all here as well for him. It is hard to imagine missing someone you've barely met, but I do.
PrairieDog71 PrairieDog71 41-45, M 3 Responses Jun 8, 2012

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In UK a living parent has to agree if another is to adopt.Also the natural parent has to adopt too!

It is normal here that the living parent has to agree, but in my case since I couldn't pay the requisite child support ($365/month on $22/month not happening) and my ex-wife had never given my son any of my letters. So the judge considered that I had neglected in my parental duties and severed the relationship by order of the court.

That is awful. Its called parental alienation. Its more common than people might think. I feel for you.

Well, I was in prison so you really can't fight it, but he does have a good adoptive father and three half siblings now. I just hope he has a better life than me.

A woman in prison is able to keep her child. Fathers have no rights in the gynocracy.

That's a sad story. Fathers have no rights in the gynocracy.