Permiscuous Daughter

I LOVE my daughter. She is everything to me. But the past year has been hard. She is 17 and can't seem to talk to a boy for more than 5 minutes without screwing him. She is a great kid in school. Holds a job. Respectful to 99% of people out there...except her mother and I. I look at a lot of other girls her age and it definitely could be worse....but she's a F*cking **** and it breaks my heart. I guess life gets retribution for when we were young....
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I'm sorry. I can feel your frustration with the situation. From my experience, the girls I knew growing up that had lots of sexual partners were the ones that had low self esteem and were looking for sex to fill in for something that was missing. Would your daughter consider some sort of counseling? I wouldn't mention her sexuality as a reason for counseling because I don't think sex is the problem. I think sex is her solution to a problem she might not even understand. I hope she makes her way through this time unscathed by pregnancy or STD's.

Thanx..we actually say some signs a while back that let us to believe she needed some counseling. She has been going every Monday night for the last year and a half. But I agree..its an outlet for something. STDs is my worry. Shes on the pill and as far as I know still uses a condom at least most the time. Thanks for the Kind words

**** off ****. You probably looked at the post and thought you could whack off to a story about a young girl having sex. Your a ****....leave it at that

Young women are biologically predisposed to get pregnant and make babies. Its built into their biology. For thousands of generations their parents have arranged a marriage for young women so that their natural biological needs are satisfied and productive for the family and community. Today society has blocked her from a positive sexual outlet. She should be pregnant and married. Instead she has been blocked from marriage and pushed into whoring. Its so sad for her and her family.

That's what separates us from monkeys...our supposed ability to be able to think instead of act. I understand what you are saying and agree with you to a point ( about our predispositions ) BUT I would rather have my daughter make something of herself in life than be preggo and married in her teens. I have two sisters that both did that and have gone nowhere in life. It may be ok for your daughter but not mine.

You can play with words about monkeys all you want, but, according to you, your plan has turned your daughter into a "****." What she is "making of herself" is a ****, according to you. It may be OK for your daughter, but not mine. I would much rather my daughter have a husband, family, and a good life than to end up as an old dried up **** with two bastard children.

You would really want your daughter with a ********* huh...that might explain things. The reason she probably has the control issues is because she was molested multiple times when she was young. I was just frustrated and venting. And whats to say that because your TEEN daughter got married means 1 that she would stay married, 2 have a family and not just be used by her "chosen" husband as a sex slave or any other slave. and 3 because someones married, that gives them a good life?? My "plan" didn't do ****. Obviously your not a parent of a female child or you would have a much different me and if you are..I feel bad for your daughter. Agree to disagree I guess

I would want my daughter to have a good life as a wife and mother rather than the "****" that your daughter has become. From your comments its obvious that she has had no satisfactory guidance in her life. I am so sorry for her.

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