Im a Father Too

Im a father too, i have a little boy who as i write is coming up to 3 and a half. Its fantastic being a father to my boy, he gives me so much joy. Watching him sleep brings a huge smile on my face. He's at that age where everything is interesting. It also gives me an excuse to be a big kid again lol.

When i first found out my wife was expecting, i jumped for joy and i must say i don't think i have come down yet, even 3 years later. Yes being a father can be stressfull, and they can make you feel like a monster for telling them off. But it trully is the best feeling for a man.

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You sound like a wonderful father. Keep it up, your family are lucky to have you.

cheers bud

GREAT answer ! And, you sound like a great dad. Keep on doing what you're doing and you'll always be rewarded.

well, im a long way off finding out. But my brother is gay and i have friends who are too. So i don't think it would matter to me. Obviously i would prefer if he turned out to be straight, but i do think the world has changed a bit. I would love grandkids when im old and grey lol

How will you react if he turns out to be gay ?