Father And Son Road Trip.

My oldest son is mid-30s and a successful professional engineer.   This summer we are driving together up the Al-can highway through Canada to Fairbanks, Alaska.  Then we will turn north on the Dalton Highway all the way to the Arctic Ocean at Prudhoe Bay.   The Dalton Highway has been made famous recently by the TV reality show Ice Road Truckers.  We're going in summer, so there won't be so much ice.  Prudhoe is north of the Arctic Circle so we will probably see 24 hour sunshine while there.  We plan to see a lot of scenery and do some gold panning.  Its great to have raised such competent sons.  I'll let you guys know when we get back.


My son and I have returned from 4 weeks in Alaska.  We saw the midnight sun, grizzly bears, bison, whales, dahl sheep, caribou.  We climbed a glacier.  We followed the road north to the end of the road. We waded in the arctic ocean. It was a good time to share with my oldest son who is now a very competent man.
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Dan -

Sounds like a great trip and I'm glad to hear a father so proud of his son.

My own daughter sought out a job in Denali when she was 20ish... I had a friend who had moved to Bettles, buying out a back-country outfitter.

My friend was one of those lucky/rare people who literally only needs 2-4 hours of sleep a night... it makes him incredibly productive and perfect for summers in Alaska. I called him up to see if maybe he had some work for her more entertaining than being one of hundreds of "kids" doing support for the franchise/contract holder for the park... he had just sold the business, but forwarded her info on to the new owners who were ecstatic to get an offer of help from the lower 48.

My daughter spent the summer in Bettles, AK, an "airport town" right at the Arctic Circle and the "gateway" to the Brookes Range... the outfitter mostly flew folks in for week-long canoe and/or hiking experiences via float planes. Her job, as she liked to describe it was to "run the general store", "manage the hotel", "fuel the planes", "mow the grass", and "feed the sled dogs". Of course, the "general store" was a large pantry of canned/dry goods behind the desk where she took registration from guests who might stay in one of the two rooms of the "hotel". The grass that needed mowing was a mere 20'x30' patch... a half hour once a week. Fueling planes and feeding dogs was the big work really.

I meant to meet her as she was finishing up, rent an RV in Anchorage and "see the state" in a week or so... but I got jammed with my work and sent her sister (2 years older) on my ticket and *they* toured the southern coast for a week, returning on the night before and morning of 9/11/01 ...

I am proud to have two competent, capable daughters.

Why would anyone leave such negative comments about this trip? I think it's fantastic, Dan. I hope you get to repeat the trip someday. Thank you for sharing the experience!

Oh how sweet, bet your son thought what a waste of my life

Thank you, Juilleett, for your racist, sexist comment. You must be proud of being so bigoted. The trip was my son's idea and plan. I went along to share driving. He thoroughly enjoyed his vacation from his usual high paid but intellectually demanding job as a consulting engineer. Sorry your life is so full of hate and disappointment, what a waste of your life.

One thing is for sure my life is not full of hate,disappointment as for my comment not sure where the racist,sexist comment came in,and as for a waste of my life I have a very well paid job working offshore in the North Sea,

what is your problem, honey? i see nothing at all wrong with the story that Dan was kind enough to share with us! Do you not have children? If not, you could not possibly understand the importance, relevance, pleasure, and value of spending time with your kids doing ANYTHING!!!! i would trade a month of my everyday life for one millisecond alone with any of my 4 boys! Very uncool and bitchy of you to minimize, mimic, and dismiss his story and experience as a "waste of life!" How in the world would you know and be qualified to cast such judgement and ill-informed, not to mention unsolicited opinions?! BTW, i do believe you are missing the whole point of hanging on EP! Unless of course they have a group for bitchy, frustrated, bitter, terminably discontent women with empty lives!

Not here to insult any one it it may be because of some of Dans other post,that He cannot peacefuly share such a great experience as the one above.
Any way it seems like a great time!

Sounds like a fascinating and magical trip! Thank you so much for taking the time to share such an idyllic event!

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ahh an Overly Manly White road trip. must be fun.

Thank you, righteouschica for your racist, sexist comment. You must be proud of being so bigoted.

and.........if this is too manly and white or whatever your issue is with it, then it's really simple.......DO NOT READ IT--let alone make some stupid, inappropriate comment on it! Stick to groups catering to queeny things, and i am certain you will be much happier, dear!