Two Children!

I am blessed with two children, a girl, followed by a boy. Many of you know my daughter, some may not yet.

SassyBoo is my daughter.

My son now resides in Brisbane so we are scattered over the Eastern sea board of Australia with me halfway.

Although there are many miles between us, we are very close.


Edit: I realise there are many that miss the connection with their father (or mother) for various reasons. I do understand what it is like, my fathers actions severed our relationship.

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5 Responses Jun 15, 2008

Thank you lady54 for the nice thoughts. Thanks, I had better take a look at your blog.

I did thanks!

Hope you had a great Fathers Day.

Hi Mr.Owl. Did you got Greentea's email?

Thank you. <br />
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Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there.