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hi i was a single dad untill march of this year. i married a wonderfull woman who i cant seem to make happy anymore. she says that " the whole family thing" might not be for her. to me it seems that all she cares about is money and what she had before. i know i had changed some for the worse. but since she brought it to my attention, i have worked on those things. but now we just fight about things that are not even worth fighting over mostly to do with the kids.
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1 Response Aug 24, 2012

I am also a single parent it sounds like your wife has realized its not all roses kids are hard work and put a strain on relationships even with both natural parents but its rewarding. I let my expartner and her daughter move in worst move we all got on better living apart and have now decided to just keep it me and my children, you would be better parting because a bad relationship is very harming to your children