I have never experienced such a feeling of relief as I did when my son was born. It truly was the most emotional night of my life.
The pregnancy itself was unusual in that my wife, who barely weighed 100 pounds, gained 100 pounds. But all of the vital signs and everything else were normal.
During the night of the delivery, though, at one point it was just me and her in the room as the doctors were giving it a little more time, mainly because her blood pressure had skyrocketed as soon as
She was crying with pain and being curious, I looked under the sheets. Blood was flowing out of her and not thinking this was natural, I called a nurse.
When she saw the blood, her face went white and she went for the doctor.
Within 10 minutes, my wife was in the operating room for an emergency C-section. The doctor told me as he went in that it was possible for both to die.
As you probably know by this time of the reading, they both made it through. When the doctor came out and told me this, I yelled and started weeping. He also told me that if I hadn't taken that peek and it had gone another five minutes, we would've lost both.
The placenta had released from her uterus and was discharging before he did. Without a placenta, he had minutes left to live. And a dead baby inside kills a woman within minutes, according to the doctor.
Today, I'm still married to her, still crazy about her and our son is 27, working on his doctorate at Kansas State. And three years later, we had a daughter whose birth was as natural as anything, with no problems at all.
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I am so thrilled you have enjoyed such a wonderful marriage which is unusual these days. The birth of your son sparked a few memories in me as well and know why you called it "Relief". I was first told my infant daughter directly after birth had a "hip click"? They took a few Xrays and told us they would have to put casts on both of those newborn legs for six months with mass confusion still lurking over a "hip click" until another Doctor at the last minute took another Xray and couldn't find it, thank goodness. I realized later it was the fact she is double jointed in the hips as I am as well. A SMALL miracle indeed. If that wasn't enough, they also left in half the placentage and it was several weeks later before my regular general MD. realized this and the infection spread to the point I had to hold on to walls and still take care of an infant. After being told I was literally dying, I was rushed to the hospital (the same by the way due to insurance issues) and was informed by several interns there was nothing wrong and to take me home. Again, spur of the moment, another physician on his way out because his shift was over, stopped by where the interns surrounded me asking what was wrong and the interns were definitely told off and told to get me to emergency immediately. We were both extremely blessed during the deliveries of our children. They charged us a fortune although we paid nothing as they definitely owed us. Praise God!