I Love My Kids

i have two lovely sons and i wanna rise them up by right ways but i had i problem with thier mother and we got divorced, i had to leave them with her and i didn't feel comfortable with her rising way and she wasn't taking care of them but i had to accept that.

in that time i wished i could bring them to my home and i'll look after them very well

when they came back home and are living with me i find out that i don't care about thier rising any more because if i teach them anything, thier mother and his family will destroy any thing i will build....

i wanna get that responsable father again...
hanbassi hanbassi
31-35, M
2 Responses Nov 29, 2012

I have the same problem and in a midst of a divorce and child custody battle. She isn't responsible enough to do more than just acting in front of everyone she is a doting and lovng mum. I hope your's don't have a wonderful personality and the character of a hideous demon. Her whole family is just the same and when I tried talking to them, they seem to think I am the problem in the marriage when I had been the one to hold it together. I just hope whoever is watching up there let me win this battle even though I know it is a uphill one and thereafter even tougher if I did down the road with a 18 month daughter & one son coming March. They have given me the strength to fight on knowing that this is the last fight I can do for them. People like my ex-wife-to-be should not be allowed to bring up children only to grow up to be like her. Unable to love or provide love unconditionally.

The best you can do is to model proper adult manly behavior. Children learn far more by watching than by words. Fathers raise successful future adults. Mothers raise failures.

thank you for your advice..