What Am I In For?

My dear 9 year old daughter walked down into the kitchen this morning at 7am.

"Dad," she lamented, "I've been up since 5."

"Why?" I asked.

"Clothes" was her one word answer.

I gave her a puzzled expression.

"I couldn't figure out what to wear!"


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That's why i believe we should go back to when, everybody (had) to where a uniform to school. It would not only eliminate what your daughter went through and will continue to go through until she graduates. It would also make the only difference from a rich kid and a poor kid. Is that the rich kid had 3 uniforms at a time, while the poor kid only had one at a time

Thanks for the comment. I understand your perspective, but disagree. There is far too much emphasis put on conformity, both within our schools and within society as a whole. I would like to encourage my children to embrace their individuality and express themselves through multiple means, even if that includes waking up an hour early to pick out their clothes.

It is her option what she wears, as it should be. I have learned that efforts to control children in one domain often produce rebellion in another. They already live in an environment with too many rules; I don't want to add to that needlessly.

As an elected member of the school committee, I would vote against any attempt to institute a uniform, would not have moved here if there was a uniform policy, and would give serious consideration to leaving the district if one were instituted here. Conformity runs counter to my values. BTW, we are fortunate to live in the state with the best performing schools and in the district that is the top in the state.

Having said that, it is interesting to see that many children have within them a natural drive for conformity. Watching the middle school boys leave school on a winter day, it is puzzling to see half of them dressed in shorts despite sub-zero weather. Who wears shorts with snow boots?

That is all well and good what you say. But you mentioned nothing what so ever, about kids who's family can not afford the luxury of having there child being unable to have what you refer to as a (option) of a wide and most times quite Xpensive variety of different clothing. Which was one of the reasons i brought up that subject in the first place, when it came to (all) kids dressing in a uniform. So by these poor parents who are unable to afford a wide variety of clothing for there child. Are they in a sense than (controlling) what there child is wearing. Therefore like you said and i quote [producing rebellion in another]. Don't know about you, that does not sound right to me at all. Or perhaps there is a (major) loop hole in your theory. I hate to inform you, unless your kids are dressing in a Bat Man costume a Rihanna costume or even a Sponge Bob costume. There pretty much dressed the same as every other kid in there school. Unless things have changed drastically since i went to school. Thee only true no conforming individuals, were labeled as geeks. And if I'm not mistaken, they are still considered to be nothing more than a joke + with having any feelings what so ever i might add. You want to really teach your child something, than teach them to go up to that geek + befriend him on a daily basis in FULL view of there so called friends. For I'm pretty dam sure, they will turn on him or her with in a blink of a eye. Sorry didn't mean to come over so harsh, but quite obviously you hit a nerve. We have to teach are children that no 1 person is better than another. One may well be smarter but NOT better. And U probably won't like what your about to hear. Until we all see that (religion) is one of the major causes, if not the main cause on why we all can't get along together. Things will never change. For if i can't marry into your religion, for being of a different faith, unless of course i convert. And even than at times that won't be enough. Than your religion is breeding both hatred + bigotry. For who are you to say your's is thee right one + another's is not. Yes I'm am a full blown atheist even though i was brought up as s devote catholic, was an altar boy for 4yrs. and even considered being a priest. I do however perform as many random acts of kindness that i can, for if there is this mysterious Bogey Man in the sky. He will be able to see through my (actions) that i am a good person + not simply preaching what ever it is they preach these days. That is totally forgotten thee moment they Xit there house of worship. By trying to get out of the parking lot, with little regard if any for those to who are leaving as well. Not to mention, once they enter the bakery on the way home. All i can say is thank George Carlin for numbered tickets

AHHHHH...never had girls, only boys :D

I love it!

Been there,done that. Hang on Dad puberty is just around the corner. Your little girl is starting to grow up.