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A Father's Checklist

My 6-year old daughter is one of my greatest loves. I am grateful that I spend time with her every day. Last week I asked her to make a checklist for herself to get ready for school each morning. This morning I came up with one for myself:

1. Did I protect her from danger and shelter her from harm?

2. Did I feed her?

3. Did I clothe her?

4. Did I teach and encourage her?

5. Did I play and laugh with her?

6. Did I model to her ways for men to respect women?

7. Did I speak truthfully to her?

8. Did I apologize to her when I made a mistake?

9. Did I comfort her?

10. Did I love her and tell her so?
rickleester rickleester 41-45, M 4 Responses Jan 22, 2013

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Loved it. You are a good father;)

As a father to one daughter and three boys, I can tell you that this checklist is a great idea! Thanks for sharing...

You are right. I forgot discipline. I am naturally inclined to discipline my daughter. While I received corporal punishment as a child, I decided together with my wife that we would not spank our daughter. We use other strategies. Perhaps a new post on discipline would be appropriate, too!

Very good for you, sir. People don't have to hit or abuse their children to discipline them. There are other ways to discipline that preserve their dignity and self-esteem. You sound like a wonderful, loving father.

Thank you bb. Though I think I am not at all that wonderful, I have so far deluded my daughter in thinking otherwise :)

<p>That's a good list for the father of a young child. I don't see discipline when she breaks rules, and that is also important part of teaching that fathers do and mothers usually can't do. A firm but gentle bare bottom spanking when she's naughty teaches many good lessons that a girl needs to learn and only a father can teach. </P><br />
<p>As she gets older, it will be good to begin adding instruction in becoming a wife and mother to the teaching of your girl. A father's job is to create a successful adult, and a woman is successful when she marries a good man and bears your grandchildren. A fathers most important job is to "give away" our grown up daughters to a good young man we helped her find.</P>

You need your head examining.

A woman can find a man by herself. No need.of a father's opinion. Guidance could be,advice and help. But "give her away" sounds so stupid to me. !