My Daughter Is Too Great

I got divorced when my daughter was 2.  It was a bad scene; I had a huge Manic episode.  But I fought for joint custody and I got it.  We have always been very close, and as we've both grown up, our relationship has continued to evolve.  When she was 11, she came to work with me on "Bring Your Daughter To Work" day.  My boss, a very low key, but kind and gentle man asked her to come into his office.  She did.  He said, "I would just like to tell you that your father is the funniest man I have ever met in my life."  She looked at him and without breaking a smile or missing a beat said, "Get out much?"  -  I love that girl!   

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That is lovely ElLagarto :)


So cute!

im 18 japanese so my english wont be to good sorry my dad is a kind man but tough and tall he was raised in a rough place in liverpool and is 7ft1 but he is as kind as buddah when i was 16 my best friend passed away i was in a bad state i did not tell my dad when he found out i was watcing the tv it was cold first he wrapped me up in his trench coat and pulled me so i was sitting in his lap he seems to do that even now if im upset he just wraps me up and sits me in his lap.<br />
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another story is when i was 13 in school a teacher was being very mean shouting at me in the hall for some made up reason he did not like me because my dad is from britain and after a few minutes he slapped me and sent me home when i got in the living room i burst into tears when my farther asked what was wrong i told him what happend and he was furious the next day at school i went into class with my dad outside the door the first thing my teacher done was be rude and in front of everyone in class called me a ***** i told him that was dad was outside the door and he wants to talk to you he said that he would fight my dad and make a show of me his face went pale when my farther walked into the room as i said hes 7ft1 and the basterd teacher was only 5ft3 and he started to shake and suck up to my dad but my farther had a talk with the head teacher and god him fired.

This is a cool story, I like it. it touches me.<br />
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Haha! Smiling right now, thanks for sharing!

I am also Manic Depressive, and have a baby and another on way. <br />
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I live with it, manage it medicine free for the most part, but lead a very happy life. But one thing I know is true from your story, is we certainly have the best senses of humours, man I can bring the house down, especially if I am manic at time hehe. Still occasionally head that way, and enjoy the ride. Sometimes thing, damn, gotta get back to reality now and live a normal life, if that ever happens. Who is normal anyhow.<br />
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Well I love your story and so glad to hear you got your kids, what a legend, I admire you guts and courage. I hope later in life I continue to build mine.<br />
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Take care and add me as friend, we could probably share some funny stories or two!

Good thing she didn't inherit her mother's tendency to give up. Sounds like you lucked out.

Your daughter sounds awesome. You must be proud, funny man! <br />
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: )

lolll thats soo funny and cute

Thank you.

one of the best traits in a man is the ability to be a good father, you are both blessed.<br />

I'm happy for you. Being a dad is the best; and daughters are the ginchiest.

Thanks Myo - she's the light of my life.

And now she's the tough interviewer who leaves no question unasked. She really is awesome.

You bring up an interesting question - can a sense of humor actually be taught? Other than by example of course.

Glad you like it, it's a favorite of mine. Yeah, she's a smart *ss too. My boss was kinda speechless.

I think this story is marvelous. I am guessing she has your wit from your bosses remarks. I am as sure that your boss recognised the same thing.

My advice, don't pick a side.

I was blessed - she's the most.

My daughter is very smart and has a dry, sense of humor. One Christmas my brother gave me two very nice shirts. I put one of them on, just to show him how much I appreciated the gift. My brother and daughter were in the back seat of my car as we drove to my dad's house. She says, "So dad, you don't like the other shirt?"

Kids are so great. So brutaly honest and completely hilarious all in one breath. I wouldn't trade a minute of serious, silly comments for anything.

Thanks for the nice comment! What made it so funny for me was that an 11 year old managed to break MY shoes AND HIS - all in 3 words.

What a cool compliment from your boss, and what a typical reply from your daughter! I can remember thinking that my dad was so CORNY!!! Now that I am grown, I realize how similar our senses of humor are and I love it!