I have not seen my kids in two months and it is absolutely killing me, I feel so weak and power less when it comes to having them in my life, the mother and her family, is basically making it impossible for me to even talk my daughter and son, there was an accident that occurred to cause this mess, and perhaps I was to much in love with their mother to give up on her, and that is ultimately why I am in this situation, but it blows that my kids are fatherless rite now, and they don't seem to care.
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I have not seen my daughters in four months. My wife refuses to let me see them and she has convinced them of a number of lies. I know the pain you are feeling. I spend every waking moment thinking of my kids. I cry often. It’s gotten to the point where if a friend asks I just start crying.
I feel powerless like you. I feel hopeless.
Like you, I also hate the fact that my little girls are going to school thinking their father is not in their life.

I know what you are going through! Except I have not seen my son and daughter since August of last year! I am not even allowed to talk to my children because my ex-wife made up a bunch of crap about me. She lied on court documents, she lied to the judge, and worst of all, she lied to my kids! Trust me, I know how you feel buddy.

Don't give up. There should be more fathers like you in this world!!

Thank you!

Don't allow your grief to drive you to do anything you'll regret later. I know how upsetting your situation is because I've been there. Just know that the things you choose not to do are every bit the example as the things you do. Be the man you want your son to become......regardless of what your ex does to provoke your rage.

That is sad. Children need to grow up with their fathers.