I'm a father to a beautiful baby boy who will soon be turning 3. His mother is no where close to being around and he currently lives with his grandparents, her parents. It eats me up everyday knowing I don't have him with me but I know with endless love, hard work, determination and dedication I will have him back with me.
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My friend, as I have come to be quite aquatinted with the court /custody systems, if your sons mother is not around, I am 99% sure primary custody transfers to the other parent, you. I wish you luck, if you want to talk, feel free to message me.


So cute!!!

Omg! That's so sad he's such an adorable little boy!! It must be really hard on you!! :(
Goodluck N god bless
Much love peace and respect

If you ever needed to talk I'm here to listen

Way to go!!! Keep those thoughts, feelings and goals close to you and your heart and those things will come to you!! You sound so strong in your commitment to your son!! I applaud you!!!