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yes Im a female but you know what ? I raised 4 children. Their dad passed away from an anyeurysm when they where very young. I raised them all by myself so that makes me a mom and a dad. I did well , although I deprived myself of many things doing so,  I do not regret a moment because I am a very proud mom of 4 independent and successfull family. I sincerely hope and pray that they never have to go through all the hardship  I went threw,  and I know for a fact  they are trying very hard not to.. I am very thankful for that.
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I am so sorry for you pain,,, really I also suffered all those things because I never took time for myself ..It was always for everyone else. Is the reason why I say it is important that throughout all the things that your are now doing ,, make sure that you make time for yourself ..Make a point that that is such a thing called mommy time...So when they do have you ,,they have you totally..I do hope you understand what I am trying to say....Love and hang in there OXOXOX

Bless you Gigi! I'm so happy to hear that your kids are doing well and that you managed to do such a good job. They are lucky to have had you.<br />
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I know what it's like to deprive yourself and sacrifice for your child{ren}. I wish that I could have done a much better job. You see I suffer from chronic depression and it made things really rough for my child. I loved him so much, but the depression always took over. To this day he resents me and blames me for everything that went wrong in his life. I don't blame him. I did the best I could at the time. The best I knew how at that time. It just wasn't the best. I hope someday he will forgive me and be a part of my life. For now, I'm devastated by it.