I Raised Kids On This Planet!

Life was easier then, I think. Now there is so much going on, and so many watching over the parents of today, I feel sad for them, and the children too.

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3 Responses Feb 15, 2010

This is so true ..we use to run all day outside..went everyplace with no horrors around the corner.Adults in other neighborhoods watched us.If we were climbing where it was not safe, they'd call us down. Made sure all was well. Just being good people really. Now poor kids can't walk 2 blocks without fear of being kidnapped & murdered. Parents have to be more careful. It's horrible hearing new missing children's stories.All these babies were playing close to home, in their yard or sleeping in their bed. Sign of the times.

I too was free to roam, I seem to remember Mom saying, "Go outside and Play!" and I did. Today, anything that isn't built up into a neighborhood, is populated by homeless folks living under tarps. That's something I never encountered in my younger days, a tarp house in the woods...

I lived in Half Moon Bay when I was raising my three oldest children...It was a time and place where children could mostly just run free......a lot of my childhood was spent just "running free"....It seems that few children have that experience nowadays. I remember when Golden Gate Park was mostly just a magical playground for the children in the surrounding neighborhoods---so different now.