Memory Of The Big, Black Kitty

My earliest childhood memory is astounding.

When I was about 4 years old, picking petunias in our flower garden, my mother in the kitchen, cooking, I saw what I termed a "big, black kitty", and ran into the house to tell her. She looked out the kitchen window, and saw nothing, but later, that day, my dad went into the backyard (wooded acreage behind us) and found a cat paw print in the garden. It was the print of a very, big cat.

Daddy called on some neighbor men who went on a "panther" hunt but had no luck.

I can remember the cat being fairly close to me, and I had no fear, only excitement. After that, I talked, incessantly, about cats, and had a, so-called, imaginary cat (regular sized), as well, a couple of imaginary playmates. I grew up feeling strange because I was told they were not real and I thought they were, and, as a result, my perception of reality was skewed.

When I visited a neighbor and told her that my cat had followed me there, and was inside her house, she said, "where?" and I pointed at her chest type freezer, "right there". She looked for it, got on her hands and knees, and then walked me home to ask my mother if I had gotten a pet cat, and that she had looked for it under her freezer, and never saw it. My mother told her, no, and they had a good laugh. My mother was always amused, visualizing this large, neighbor woman crawling on the floor, looking under her freezer for my imaginary cat.

My mother would make mention of the incidents, from time to time, over the years. And had the "big, black kitty", not left a big, paw print, I'm sure that would have been deemed imaginary, too.

From my earliest childhood memories my life has been very odd, when compared to everyone I have known, and it started with that "big, black kitty". I have often wondered how a small child could have a close encounter with a panther and not be eaten.

I was not allowed to have a pet cat because I had asthma as a young child, and my mother, I believe, became overprotective, perhaps, because of the "big, black kitty" thing, keeping a constant eye on her child with the imaginary friends and cat.

My great uncle, who lived in the country had a passel of yard cats, and we visited him every couple of weeks, and I anticipated those visits with great enthusiasm. Luckily, I outgrew my childhood asthma when I was about seven years old, and was given a beautiful Persian cat, and I haven't been without a cat or many cats, since then.

A few years back, I started to research black panthers and was shocked to read that they are called cryptozoological creatures, meaning, hidden or not known, with the exception of certain parts of Asia and Africa, and historically, they were reportedly seen in the southern United States. Further, there is not a species of large black cats, as they are melanistic, sort of like the opposite of albinos.

Now, I will tell you that my childhood home, until I was five years old, was in Copiah County, MS, where the Choctaw Indians live, and the Choctaw word, Copiah, means "Calling Panther".  I never knew this until my research and this brought my story together for me.

As crazy as this sounds to "NORMAL PEOPLE", I believe that I am from the Feline race (human form), and the black panther was an inter-dimensional creature visiting me, for whatever reason, and that my imaginary playmates and cat, were, also.

There are many occasions of unbelievable things that have happened in my life, and I have psychic abilities and am audio clairvoyant, also, and these have, further, created a feeling for me that I'm not "NORMAL".

I'm still in awe of this small piece of my strange story, my first childhood memory, and the things I have found, through my research, as well, my lifelong, affinity for cats. Now that I have read about loads of strange things on the Internet, I believe that, maybe, I'm not so weird, after all, but that all of our lives are, possibly, not what we thought or were led to believe. There are, too, many people whose lives have consisted of strange things and, via the Internet, we come together.

This is my kitty and bird, and doesn't it look like some evil intent going on here, but no, they are best friends!



Chuki Chuki
61-65, F
1 Response Sep 14, 2012

Awesome! I'm (part) black panther too! I haven't met anyone else with this animal, THANK YOU for posting this!