I'M ~ A ~ F E M A L E ~ B I S E X U A L


I discovered I was BISEXUAL
at 13 ~ when I was pleasured by my
friends sister (16) while on holiday.
It was a very gentle ~ beautiful
experience which i never forget !

I also liked BOYS and the way they kissed
but at the same time ~ I was attracted
to GIRLS ! We had lots of nice sleepovers
with kisses and cuddles ~ I loved them all.
BUT ~ I developed and BOYS got bigger ! 

Lost my virginity at seventeen
to boyfriend of nineteen on HOLIDAY !
But I still loved to be pleasured by GIRLS !
A  Counselor told me "You're BISEXUAL !"

This poem is a FREE VERSE  5 5 4 SONNET !

Thanx for reading - please comment - if you want.
I like EP because it is very gender acceptable and
I have met some lovely FEMALE BISEXUALS and
shared their experiences.  Men sometimes ask me 
"Why are female BISEXUALS always so beautiful 
and SEXY.  One reason we are always immaculate
is because it takes me twice as long to get ready to
go out with a GIRL FRIEND as it does to get ready
to go out with my LOVING  BOY  FRIEND ~ PAUL !

Lots of LOVE for all ~  YIN & YANG - JASMINE XOX

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5 Responses Nov 27, 2012

I was 12 when I knew I was bi. :)

That is all that matters JAZZ!

it is good for you

love how you say it here :) tnx for sharing Jazz

Sounds like you had a fun past

We seem to have a lot in common. I am into horses too amount other things, lol