Intimate Tattoos

My name is Innocent, my husband John says I could be done under the Trade descriptions act for having such a misleading name, he thinks the last time I was Innocent was the day I was christened.
I'm 20 years of age and up to age 15 boys never noticed me, I noticed them all right and had a healthy interest in *****, wondering what they looked like, how big they were, how long it would be before i got to play with one. Up to 15 it was all a mystery because I was just a gawky girl that boys or men never noticed.

That summer my father had work at Cape Agde and took me to the south of France for 2 months. While he was at work each day I went to the beach. The second day there I discovered that the far end of the beach was a Nudist Area.

WOW the wondering about ***** was over, they were wandering around in all shapes and sizes. I also stopped judging men exclusively on their looks, some of the best and fittest looking guys seemed lacking in the equipment area, while some who had faces you woundn't look twice at, were so endowed you struggled to stop staring at them.

Some of the women were gross, but then, the number of really hot women flaunting everything was unbelievable to my young innocent eyes. I decided immediately that this was the way I wanted to spend my holidays and that at the end of the summer I was going home with an all over tan. Most of these French women had their ******* shaved and lay on their sunbeds or towels legs akimbo showing their pink and sometimes wet innerlips to anyone who cared to look.

Some of the guys were obviously enjoying the exhibition and were walking around with pernanent erections. One guy of about 17 was lying on his back on a sunbed close to me, his 7 or 8 inch **** standing up straight, I couldn't take my eyes off it and I could feel my ***** getting wet, god was I feeling horny, Next thing he turned his head and caught me looking, I'm sure I blushed but I was determined having been caught not to look away, so I looked him straight in the eye and somehow managed a smile. I swear it might have been the shimmering sun but I'm convinced to this day that his erection started to throb.

I was beside myself with excitement, it was then that I decided that I was a already a voyour and that I wanted to be an exhibitionist as well. That night I nearly did my self a damage shaving my *****, I found it very difficult and their were a lot of little nicks here and there,but I was determined to be clean shaven and hopefully be able to return the favour for my erect friend in the morning.

On the beach next morning I ******** off and lay down opposite what I now considered my boyfriend (even though we had never even spoken to one another) he lay facing me, with my heart throbbing so loud I was sure everone could hear, I parted my legs good and wide so that he would know I was showing myself to him. I was again determined to look him straight in the face so he would understand I wanted to be looked at.

My ***** seemed to become the centre of attraction, not only was I naked but I had this bald white ***** that stood out like a beacon against my now considerably tanned body. Every man that went up or down the beach had a good long look at my *****. Wow what a turn-on, by this time my lips were swollen and dripping wet, I could feel my juices running down on to the sunbed and I could feel the wet running under my buttocks. I'm sure everyone could see that I was like a ***** in heat, but I was getting off on them watching and knowing.

I'll continue the story later, I've got to go now, The two pool guys are comming soon and I want to be naked on the sun lounger when they arrive.
56-60, M
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I cannot wait to hear the end of the story!<br />
You sound like a fellow Brit.<br />
Am I correct?<br />
Get back (in private please) with some pics<br />
I will return some<br /><br />
(for my eyes only. I promise).<br />
Kevin<br />