Intimate Tatoos Continued

Hi guys, sorry for interupting the story but I had a bet with hubby that I wanted to win. He dared me to be sunbathing naked when the guys came to clean the pool at 3pm. He bet a €200. that I wouldn't do it. I'm saving for a holiday at present so I raised the ante a little, I said if he raised it to €400. not only would I do it, but I'd keep the guys with me and still be naked when he got home at 5.30pm. He knows I'm a bit of an exhibitionist, but he thinks that he's pushing the bounderies daring me and making bets, but I would go much further than he thinks. I'm milking it with the bets and I know that he gets off on thinking I'm doing things to please him.

Any way about 10 minutes before Frank and Sean arrived to clean the pooI I locked every window in the house except the tiny one in the barhroom. I got a nice long cold drink with ice, ******** off, rubbed a little red lipstick into my nipples to deepen the colour and make them more noticable. I then went out slamming the back door behind me. I had no clothes, no keys, no way to cover myself and no way to get back into the house. I would have to stay outside untill John came home from work. I was going to tell Frank and Sean that I locked myself out by accident.

When I heard Sean's truck outside I lay down on the lounger, I took two cubes of ice out of my drink and shoved them up my vagina, it stung like hell, but it was going to be worth it. You see the guys would come around the side of the house and find me lying naked on my back with my legs open, the ice would start to melt and they would actually see my ***** getting very wet right before their eyes, letting them think I was getting excited because they were looking at me. I lay back letting on to be asleep with one leg hanging down each side of the lounger. I needn't have bothered with the ice cubes, I now knew with the buzz I was getting that I would have been plenty wet, my nipples were sticking out more than an inch and were as hard as I've ever felt them.

I had my eyes closed but watching through my lashes when the guys came around the corner, Frank saw me first and stopped Sean in his tracks, he put a finger to his lips advising Sean to be quite. They stood there silently for quite a time admiring the view. I decided to let on that I unaware of their presence and started to rub my ***** with my left hand while squeezing one of my nipples with my right.

The ice was melting fast at this stage so I started shagging myself with two of my fingers quickly advancing to three, soon my fingers were dripping every time I pulled them out. I could feel an ****** coming on, I wanted the guys to see me *** before letting on that I knew they were there. I was really going for it now, lifting my buttocks clear off the lounger to meet the thrust of my hand. I was now using all four fingers in fact I was considering ******* myself.

I'd never been able to do this but felt that I was excited enough that it might be possible today. However I started to *** like a train before I could give it any more consideration. The sun lounger is bouncing across the patio at this stage and I'm starting to emit a high pitched moan.

I finish and hang my soaked and dripping hand over the side of the lounger and suddenly the guys start making noise and start to approach, I continue to lie as I am, as if I'm in a daze. I want to let them see my now red and engorged ***** lips up close and the big wet patch on the lounger between my legs. I open my eyes and look at them looking at me, as if its not registering that I'm naked.

Suddenly I noticed that they both had huge erections poking out the front of their shorts, and I made sure they see me stareing and smiling, before looking them straight in the eye, then raising an eyebrow as much as to say explain yourselves.

They apoligised and said they had just arrived and couldn't help their reaction, after all they're normal hot blooded guys and I'm one of the sexiest women they've ever seen, I asked how long they were watching, they looked uncomfortable before admitting that they been there about ten minutes. I said that means you saw me ************ and they admitted they did.

It was my turn to explain, I said that I had accidently locked my self out of the house and that I got very horney when I realised that they were coming and were going to see me naked. I was unable to stop myself I got so excited I had to have relief.

Sean said I should have waited, they would have offered to help, but now it was too late. I asked how horney are you lads, maybe it was too late for me but maybe I'm not too late to help them get rid of their erections. Having said that I told them that fair is fair, I'm naked and have no way of covering, if they want any help from me they had to shed their clothes .

You never saw two guys ***** so fast, Frank was first to get his kit off proudly displaying a 8 or 9 inch **** pointing straight at me, his foreskin pulled back to expose a huge helmet shaped head. I reached out to touch it and tried to close my hand around the shaft but my fingertips and thumb were at least an inch apart.

I was getting horney again, I needed to impale myself on this. I got him to lie back on the lounger and stradled him easing myself down carefully on the widest penis I'd ever seen. In the meantime Sean came around and stood astride the lounger facing me his **** bobbing up an down under my chin. It wasn't as wide as Franks but was probably about 11 inches in length.

I grab his **** with both hands and suck the head into my mouth swirling my tounge around the top and darting the tip into the little hole at the top. I can't believe the way it's swelling and all the viens bulging along the shaft. Below Frank starts to lift me by the hips and slides me up and down his ****.

Sorry I'm about to come again just thinking about it, I have to get my *****, I promise I'll come back and finish the story later.

56-60, M
4 Responses Jul 21, 2010

I wish I had enough courage to act out a similar scene, maybe I should make a new year resolution to be braver and naked more often.

Yummy What a hot story your hubby is a lucky man

I wish I was your Pool Cleaner

Sexy story.