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Bold Young Lady

I was in a restaurant yesterday and towards my front there was a young girl wearing shorts and and facing me her knees up around her chin talking to her Dad across the table from her with her legs open. I had a feeling that she wanted to show me something, but before she could a friend of her Dad's came over and talked to her father blocking my view. My wife and I finished and started to leave and the woman blocking my view left at the same time. As I was getting up she lowered one leg and turned toward me and put her finger in the leg of her shorts and pulled them to one side and gave me a quick view of a pretty young shaved kitty. With her Daddy facing her not 2 feet away Funny how I was aware that she wanted to do this.
I was in Key West recently and the same thing happened. I noticed this girl and thought she wants to show her t--ts and sure nuff, she did. Ah those sweet memories of accidental nudity.
ludvig ludvig 51-55, M 8 Responses Jul 1, 2011

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I meant accidental as tongue in cheek. They knew exactly what they were doing.

Are you sure the were accidental, I think they were very much intentional.

The rewards of paying attention...I've caught so many peeks from generous women,showing off a bit for me...

The rewards of paying attention...I've caught so many peeks from generous women,showing off a bit for me...

At the end of the day, it is a woman's privilege to show what she wants to whom she wants. The internet has made it safe for a woman to show herself to anybody with broadband. The law doesn't read that way, at least yet. Keep in mind that most policemen, prosecutors, and judges are men. Men enjoy viewing the bits of women strangers; women don't get a lot of jolies from viewing men they do not know. So a man who reveals his penis outside the locker room and bedroom is assumed a nasty pervert. Here life doesn't have to be fair.

i disagree

lol this happened to you twice, what is the chance of that

because women are HOT and you're NOT! LOL

I do wonder why it is so acceptable for females to "show off" & so terrible for males???

Very true, read my story - My Exhibitionism to understand how careful we have to be.

Being a female exhibitionist is NOT acceptable. But it is tolerated in the following sense. When a woman does it, the men who see her are flattered. There is also a sense that to make a big deal about an adult woman revealing what's under her bikini is insultingly patronising. Also, naked women are tolerated in ***** joints, massage parlors, art classes, and on the internet. It is a bit rich to fuss about a woman being naked at the beach or on a hiking trail.
When a man flashes and a woman sees it, she is often angered. She is not turned on. Male exhibitionists are widely assumed to have deranged sexuality, and even be potential aggressors. So men bear the full force of the law. The ban on indecent exposure by women is. arguably, collateral damage of such laws.