Grocery Store

Today I decided to wear a sundress that was a little to short, as always I didn't wear anything under it. I need to pick up a few items for dinner. While in the store I was bending over picking a few cans from the bottom shelf. Not thinking anything of it I bent over at the waist as I was deciding what to buy. After weaving between two isles I noticed a man that was behind me a ways back but almost appeared to be following. A little more conscious of my surroundings I squatted down and grabbed a random package of food. Out of the corner of my eye I could see he was staring. I knew my dress was exposed my butt when I bent over, so I decided to leave my cart in place and walked closer to him. I stood and looked at the bottom shelf and faced my backside to him as I bent over to pick up something. I stayed like that for a few seconds and could see him staring at me. It felt so exciting to know he was able to see that I wasn't wearing any underwear. It made my day knowing his day just got better by exposing myself to him.
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lucky guy

Just knowing there are sexy fun women like you out there brightens the day! Keep bringing smiles to those fortunate to see you having fun! ;)

Wish that would happen to me.

thank you..add me please

You are such an exciting Lady.


Gotta love sundresses! Especially when worn by women who know how to wear them properly, as you so obviously do.

What a delightful tease....would love to have been there

My favorite type of outfit!.. Especially when standing in sunlight and your silhouette showing your curves!

You are the sort of lady that makes this world exciting. Thank you x

i always encourage this sort of activity

Mmmmmmmmmm and I bet it was a deliciously sexy view, baby. I hope you will post more true stories. Going to add you and hoping you'll add me back. ;)

I love girls that have the guts to go without underwear, it opens my heart, I feel so much love for them... It is not really an intention for having sex but a deep admiration.

I do ALL the grocery shopping in our household. It's a rare day that some lady doesn't get a comment from me sorta like: "Looking good Lady!".. It's rare that they don't appreciate the verbalization of their attractiveness.

That makes my day when something like that happens. It makes for great memories for years to come.

would like to follow you around too!! You were just being friendly. right?

How come I never run into a sweet young lady like you when I grocery shop???

I bet you made his day too! Great story!

I have also been known to do that Its so much fun

If you will, please read my posted story about being groped and exposed while grocery shopping. You'll see the similarity in our stories. The only difference is that I did not expose myself, another shopper did.

loved your story i wish it was i at the market then seeing you exposed bottom , please add me i would like to read more from you thanks

I wish you shopped at my store.

Hot...I'd start shopping if you cruised through the local market.

You are such a kind person to be taking care of others like that.... hehe.

I wish for the day I will a woman flash me while shopping. That would make my day!

lucky guy.wish it was me.

Admirable work, lady.

Great feeling isn't it? I've done something like that but haven't been as brave as you are, kept my panties on, but didn't hinder the guy to follow me still, just to catch another glance.<br />
Maybe I will keep the panties of the next time...

I can't wait to go groceries shopping tonight right after work. Oh wait, I don't know which store you shop and only a few women like you out there. I would do daily groceries shopping if there mor open minded women like you out there. Thanks

I hope you enjoyed it as much as him. Keep it up, the world needs more women like you. It is such a beautiful sight to see.

I am sure his wife, or girlfriend, thanks you. I know she got plowed that night. If I were ever so lucky. . .

surely you made his day !<br />
my gf has a top which comes just up to the bottom of her buttocks; i'ld love to take her shopping in that; too bad the weather is that bad this summer ...<br />
you made my day as well ;-)

Shopping is more fun when you're having fun.