Celebrating The Community

I don't just "admit" to being an exhibitionist. I glory in it. And we should all glory in this community.

Members of the Experience Project are supportive, courageous, and wonderfully inventive. Supportive? I've been blown away by the support and encouragement I've received from fellow members.
Courageous? I think anyone willing to put their naked body on display to a stranger has to be courageous. Inventive? I'll let you be the judge.

I'll tell you about a recent outing that was developed for me in a suggestion by notfragile641. It was positively glorious. He's a guy -- I'll call him Fred.

Fred suggested that I cut off the lower half of a T-shirt so that I could, by raising my arms,: expose my breasts. I have a T-shirt with a scoop neck that is pretty sexy. Once I had cut off the lower part of that there wasn't much shirt left -- which certainly suited me just fine. I tried it on at home, raised my arms, and voilĂ ! Two very nice breasts. Fred would have been delighted.

I went to a local store wearing my newly modified shirt and a very short, full-cut skirt with no panties or bra, just as Fred had suggested. Fred said I should find a male clerk, get him standing in front of me, and then raise my arms to grab something on an upper shelf. I did that Then, with my breasts fully exposed, I asked politely how much the item -- it was a sprinkler -- would cost. He was completely flustered, beet-red, and staring at my rather generous endowment. "Is something wrong?" I asked innocently. He finally said, "Madam, your breasts are showing." I looked down and said, "My goodness. You're right. Do you like them?" Even more flustered, he finally said "Ma'm, you shouldn't be showing your breasts in a store." I replied, slowly lowering my T-shirt back over my breasts. . "Youre right. Anyway, I wanted you to see this." I then lifted up the hem of my skirt - so that he could get a quick look at my *****. He was standing with his jaw hanging, and I interrupted his reverie. "Here, I can do better." With that, I turned my back to him and then bent forward and grabbed my ankles so that he could get a very good look at not only my ***** but also my ***. I then straightened, turned back toward him, smiled, gave my befuddled admirer. a quick kiss on the cheek, and I was off. It had been a very satisfying visit!
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7 Responses May 6, 2012

Wow, the more women like you and the world will be a better place!! You rock!

Absolutly I've ejoyed some very realative situations that lelf them with a memory that they will never forget!

My wife used to get me hard by flashing her ***** to strangers.

He should have mounted you like a dog.

*Waves and blows you a kiss... hope you'll check out my posts

Cool story.<br />
Kisses,<br />

Isn't being naughty a lot of fun? I can't believe you were so blatant about showing yourself. I wouldn't be that bold. I might do something similar but be more subtle to make it look unintentional. I admire your boldness.

Thanks--I think boldness is part of being an exhitionist.

Considering the clerk's apparent timidity, it seems to me the situation called for boldness.