The Furniture Store! (i Am Soo Addicted Lol)

hi all, hopefully by now, you all know of my addictions, flasing, ***, sex, ***, ************, ***, oh yes, and *** lol
i have quite a few new tales to share, but i will start with TODAY!
since its so fresh in my mind! hub and i live a bit over an hour form a very large midwestern city, we made the drive there today. This "game" was all hubs idea and i had to admit, it was a good one! i was wearing a white button up blouse, no bra of course, the top was basically transparent!!! and i was wearing a tan skirt, not the shortest i own, but still short, and loose enogh to lift or shift , i mean "accidently lift or shift" easily. i also had a short shoulder wrap type jacket, it would hide my boobs in case there were any kids in the store!!!!! the store was a HUGE furniture place,, hub dropped me off,, it was almost one in the afternoon, and he would come back in about fifteen minutes, so we could act like we didnt know each other.he wanted to watch the show i put on for others,, and i love for him to see me perform lol.
once inside, i could see there were hardly any customers there, i only saw two couples, one a young twenty something, and the other, near my age, forty-ish. NO kids, so the wrap came off and went over my arm. INSTANTLY, a middleaged man, the salesman approached me, his eyes NEVER left my boobs from the moment he saw me. i was automatically turned on! just that quick, i could feel my areolas swell and my nipples stiffen, and with each step, i could feel my ***** getting wetter and more swollen !
the salesman was ok looking, and he asked me what i was interested in, i told him a new recliner.still,, his eyes never left my boobs, !!!! as he led me to the recliner section, i noticed a middleaged sales lady, and a very young sales man, just staring at me! i felt a bit nervous, could feel my face begin to blush, but as we passed them, i notice they BOTH were eyeing UP AND DOWN! that chased the jitters away!!!!!! as we walked, i could also begin to feel the first drop of moistness from my ***** reach my thigh, a nonchalant brush of the hand and skirt fixed that,,, for now lol.
at the first chair i tried, i noticed my hub come in, he was VERY far away, but we made brief eye contact.
the salesman introduced himself as dave as i sat in the first chair, i reached up to shake his hand, said i was lisa, and gave him my,"naughty ****-me smile" !
i hit the button and reclined,, ALL the way back, horizontal, and i could feel by boobs slide to each side of my chest as i dd so. Dave noticed too,, he just stared at my boobs. When i got up, i made sure to "scoot" just a bit, an my skirt hiked up, i could INSTANTLY tell form Daves eyes, he saw my *****! as we strolled around the chairs, i purpposely bent over and felt the material, rubbing it, saying things like "mmm soft", or ohhh this is nice" makeing sure he got a good look up the back of my skirt.
as we walked, i was in front of dave, i noticed the store was set up with lots of walls, not just a big open square, and there were a few that offered a bit a privacy, sort of, i turned and glanced at dave as we walked, well,, at his ****, and i could see, what i thought might be a hard on, but wasnt positive. as we walked, i quickly reached up and undid another button on my blouse! this time, as i reclined, i squirmed a bit, moaning how comfy it was, and my left boob and nipple were totally exposed, and i left it that way!!!!!! i then had "trouble" getting the recliner back down, and deliberately spread my legs as dave helped me, even i SAW my *****, so i knew dave did, he was totaly hard now, it was easy to see, and made NO attempt to hide MY stare as i looked at it ! he blushed, and again, i gave him my " i am sooo horny smile".
i saw hubby with the sales lady, looking at bunkbeds some distance from us, but again, we made eye contact, then, the young sales guy walked up,, out of NOWHERE,, he HAD to have been watching, but i did not see him!!!! now HE was good looking!
he was MUCH bolder than dave, and his name was Derik. He suggested that i might be interested in a chase instead of chair, Dave just shook his head, i said perhaps. he said they didnt have many, and lead dave and i to the OTHER side of the wall, where it was VERY private, and there were three chase lounges!
by now , i was soo horny , my nipples ached they were so hard, and i was afraid i might leave a wet spot when i sat,but, i was now beyond ALL CARE!
i layed on the first chase like it was a giant ****, stroking it and and moaning how soft and comfy it was !!!! i did ALOT of squirming,, mostly as an act, but i could also feel how soaked my ***** was, and swollen, and the pleasure was intense!!! as i squirmed, my skirt rode WAY up, totally exposing my now glistening wet *****, and again my left boob, now TOTALLY flopped free, and i did,,,,, absolutley NOTHING to hide either!!!!!!! i looked at dave, and he whispered "god-damn" and grabbed his crotch, Derik, "mr.smooth" , leaned in twoards me and said, " we have a real nice chase lounge in the back, would you like to see that?" and he gave me HIS, " i want to **** you smile" !!!
i simply moaned mmmhhmmmm. and off we went, not five feet was a door, a steel type one, Derik opened it for me, and as entered it was quite dark compared to the show room, once he and dave came in and the door closed, my eyes adjusted to the light,, it was the stoor room of some sorts. i could see NO chase, and Derik says," gee, maybe we dont have any left, dave didnt we?" dave just stood there, then derik says," perhaps you might like this mattres, and pointed to a box spring and mattres right beside us.
as i glanced down at the mattress my mind raced, but just for a split second, i noticed as i was looking down, i trickle of my wetness had reached the inside of my knee,,,the sent me OVER the edge!!!!!
i layed on the bed and "WHOOOSH" there went ALL my inhibitions!!!!! GONE!!!! the good catholic wife and mom was gone, and lisa the *****-**** was there!
i unbuttoned what was left of my top and grabbed my boobs with both hands, pinching my hard ACHING nipples, i then reached down and pulled my skirt ,,, OFF again, dave whispered "god-damn" and derik said,"damn baby, you really want it". Then, BAM,, the light gets bright, the door opended and there stood my hub ,, i ddnt move, dave and derik both turned and i didnt see hub, but heard him say,, its cool, i'm just here to watch" dave and derik looked at each other , then at me, i took my top off, and now lay there totally nude, my hands basically raping my boobs and ****!
derik literally JUMPED on me, he was sucking and chewing on my nipples hard,, and that alone almost brought me to ******!!! when his hand reached my ****, he grabbed it, just grabbed the entire swollen wet ****, then buried two fingers deep in me. my left hand held his head to my boob as my right hand fumbled with his belt and pants, he stopped, got up and peeld his pants and underwear off, i was going crazy, i had to suck a ****!!! i grabbed him by the ****, leaned forward and began to devour it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it was a small ****, but rock hard and i sucked greedily,, cupping his balls, stroking his shaft , trying to mil,k the *** out. i recall derik saying something like," damn this **** is **** crazy" or something like that, when he pulled away and knelt between my legs. as i grabbed my legs and began to lift them up, i noticed dave now had his **** out and was stroking it, itwas bigger than deriks, and i could see him sliding his foreskin back and forth over the head.
i grabbed my calves and lifted my legs high and derik and rammed his **** in me, he started a nice rythem and i let go of my legs as he grabbed them, i then motioned to dave to "come here", he just stood there, and derik says," get over here man, this ***** wants to suck your ****!"
dave approached the end of the bed and i leaned over, grabbed that beautiflul **** and began to suck,, sliding that foreskin back and forth as i sucked!
i then stopped them both, and got on my hands and knees and derik , kneeling behind me ****** me, while i sucked dave who stood at the end of the bed! derik then reached down and was my grabbing my heavy swinging boobs as he ****** me, i reached back, barely touched my **** and had my first ******! i thought the spasms of my my **** would make derik ***, and just as thought he was going to, he stopped thrusting and i heard him say "mother-******".i stopped rocking back into him, grabbed daves **** and looked back to see why derik stopped, , , i cold see derik and dave were both lookig at my hub, he had his **** out, it was hard, and he was slowly stoking it! as some of you may reacall,, my hub is tall and skinny, VERY skinny,, but a **** like an axe handle lol,
again, dave says,"god-damn!" and derik says, " jesus pal, your definately going last, you may wreck the ***** for life!" LOL hub just chuckled and said, "go on, do her good"
at that,,, i began to suck dave again, and rock my *** back into deriks ****,,it didnt take long when i heard derik say "oh ****, oh ****", i knew he was about to ***, i QUICKLY spun around, pushed him to his back and began to suck his ****,, taking it as deep in my throat as i could, while i gently rubbed and squeezed his ball, rubbing and twirling my tongue up the shaft as i sucked . derik cam hard, but i was rewards with very little ***,, maybe three little globs that i could feel as i swallowed.
i roll over to my back, stare at dave, and say," get up here and **** me", he takes his pants off and climbs between my legs, i grab his ****, and rub it up and down my swollen soaking wet ****, slap it on my **** a few times, then i shove it in me! dave grabs my boobs with both hands and says, " i'.m gonna ***"! i push him off by the hips, then pull him by the hips up to my mouth,, i grabbed his butt with both hands and burried his **** in my throat,, and got a wonderful reward!!!!!!!
dave gave me three THICK ropes of *** down my throat, the last i could barely swallow and had to come off him for air, i then stroked his **** with my left hand, while i rubbed my **** with my right, i had my second ****** as i swalled the last of his *** and slowly stroked his foreskin back and forth of the slippery head of his ****!
dave fell on the bed next to derik, nobody said a word, i could see hub , struggleing to get his **** back in his pants,, i quicly put on my top, pulled up my skirt, smiled and said," thanks guys" and hub and i walked out of the store room.
as hub and i walkde through the store, i knew i was a mess, hair a mess, top and skirt all messed., and the sales lady just stared at us as we left,,
hub and i stopped at a highway rest stop to **** on the way home, in the mens bathroom, hoping to put on a show there too,, but damn,,, nobody was there lol,,,,ahh,,, nobody ***** my like hub lol
on the way home, i noticed i left my wrap at the store,, oh well,, i am NOT going back for it LOL!
hope you liked the day we had,,,, i need to get back on here and write about my hub and my aunt sue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now that is ONE story that i know you will love bye now!
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I am the sales manager at a furniture store... I sure hope I can "assist" you with your next shopping adventure! Great story!!

OMG, that is one hell of a story i wish i could be a part of. Good luck with that other issue. In the meantime i will enjoy your other stories... AWESOME....

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Beautiful Story, Thanks :)<br />
Big Kisses<br />

Wow - what a great story. I'm hard from reading and imagining me right there with you. I love the idea of a spit-roast with you...

Holy ****, that is one hell of a story, got me all hard just reading it. Wish I was a salesman in that furniture store ;)

i need 2 meet u lol

that was a wonderful story, i never get so lucky in my life. if only...

Now that is the kind of day that I like spending. Great story.

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