Not A Female But I Do Enjoy Looking

So I work at a liquor store that is of fairly high quality in my area, Nice neighborhood, wide range of products and prices and we frequently do tastings for our customers. Before I went in today I was reading stories off of this bored and it really got me to thinking about how many of our customers might actually be dirty little minxes. Every time a gal came into today with a skirt on (no matter the length) I was just thinking that there couldn't possibly be any panties under it. Especially one lady in her mid 40's who had on a denim skirt that was pleated in the back and was stiff, so that it kind of flared out be hind her. She never did bend over for any of the beer on the bottom shelf, but man was I keeping an eye on her. I had another girl come in in a workout kit with her little running shorts that you could see threw pretty well, damn shame she wasn't wearing a rio brief or a dark colored thong. From now on I'll be keeping my eyes on you ladies as you come in and buy your booze, even if the store doesn't really offer the best opportunity to flash.
thatotherotherguy thatotherotherguy
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1 Response May 18, 2012

Well I was watching harder today and now I know what my wife means by there being a little more shake than there aught to be.