Flashing Truckers

I’ve flashed truckers when driving by myself before but never got much satisfaction from it. When driving next to a big rig I had to stay focused on my driving and couldn’t witness any reactions from the drivers. I never even knew if they saw me flashing so I didn’t get much of a thrill from it. Recently while on vacation with my bf I was able to do some flashing as a passenger and found it to be much more rewarding.

The first day of our vacation was a beautiful sunny day as we drove to our destination. The weather forecast for the next several days was for rain. The weather this spring has been very sporadic…. Cold, then warm, then rainy, then cold again, so I haven’t had any opportunity to sunbathe. My limbs have got a little color from being outside some but not enough to even make any distinct tan lines. I really wanted to work on my tan during our vacation but the weather didn’t look like it would cooperate. Since our ‘driving’ day was so nice I pleaded with Bob to stop so I could sunbathe a little but he was anxious to get to our destination and refused to stop. It would have been a bit unorthodox but I would have even been willing to just sunbathe at a rest area.

When Bob insisted on continuing our journey I tried to embarrass him by threatening to flash truckers if he didn’t stop to let me sunbathe. He just laughed at me so I followed through with the threat. To my surprise my conservative boyfriend thought my actions were hilarious and didn’t object. I found it to be great fun to flash my boobs and see the pleased reactions from the truckers. After flashing a couple of truckers I removed my tank top completely and rode topless for a while. Traffic was moderately heavy so I draped my tank top over my chest to cover myself as cars passed by or we passed other cars. Then I could merely pull the garment away when it came time to flash somebody.

I only flashed about six truckers, a guy in a pickup truck, and accidentally exposed myself to a guy in a SUV who snuck up on our right side without me noticing him. I got very favorable reactions from all of the guys and was having a blast showing off my ****. It was so much fun that I wanted to increase the thrill. I eventually pulled my shorts and panties down to my ankles to be totally exposed. Bob objected that I had gone too far and insisted that I cover up. I pleaded with him to let me just flash just one trucker while completely nude then I would cover up. He agreed to the bargain and I remained naked as he approached and over took a semi. The trucker must have had his ’ears’ on because he seemed to know what was coming. I could see him checking me out in his rear view mirror as we approached. Bob pulled up even with the cab of the truck and the driver wore a big grin as he gave me a thumbs up signal. Bob stayed parallel with the truck for several seconds while I caressed myself salaciously for the entertainment of the trucker. As Bob started to pull ahead of the truck I blew the driver a kiss and waved goodbye.

I kept the bargain and got dressed since we were getting near our destination anyway. Didn’t get much sun that day but sure had a lot of fun. Now that I know that Bob can be persuaded to let me be naughty in public I might try flashing truckers more often.
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wow wishi would of seen you that makes our day as you ladies have the courage to do a complete flash thanks.....keep it up as an experience driver we usually dont tell the position of the vehicle doing this so dont worry about it at least not from me if i ever have the pleasure of seen you next to me down the road. As we all love a good flash.

Great story. My wife is getting braver about flashing. This story will help.

You need to travel with me. I'll let you flash truckers and help you *** while they're watching.

Those were some lucky truck drivers.I think that your lucky to have such an undertanding boyfriend that lets you have your fun.About once a year my wife likes to flash truckers while were on vacation.One trucker even followed us to an empty parking lot to get a better look

im sleepy and mskung terrible typos..dorry :(


Great story, my wife flashes truckers every now and then. There is nothing hotter!!!!!!