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After making susan raise her skirt and let me look at her I told her to go home and come back the next day but to be sure she wore stockings one of my loves I admit.The next night she arrived I answered the door she looked very sheepish and worried I told her to go through and she sat down next to kevin playing on his xbox needless to say.I made a drink and sat down opposite them making small talk for a while but then started to read my book susan watched t v while kevin played oblivious to everyone ,looking up from the book I noticed susan fidgetting trying to get my attention first crossing one leg then the other I carried on reading my book pretending not to notice smiling inwardly I knew I had her where I wanted her ,I looked up and by now her skirt was raised far enough up her thighs for me to be able to make out the tops of her stocking,s ,my **** sprang to attention but was covered by the book so she did not know if she was exciting me or not ,bless her she wasn,t going to give up and parted her legs slightly so that I could see her panties ,you could tell she was loving this her eyes were on fire she was nervously licking her lips and her cheeks were beginning to flush .I again picked my book up and pretended to read I was totally unable to do this as my mind was racing so many scenarios going through it,my seemingly not taking any notice of her must really have got to her as she announced she was going to the bathroom and as she moved forward opening her legs so that I got a marvelous view of her stocking clad legs and her panties and glared at me as she left the room I got up and said I was going to make another drink and followed her out of the room and caught up with her at the bottom of the stairs she turned round and looked at me saying you could have least noticed I did what you said and put stockings on ,believe me I noticed pointing to the bulge in my trousers now go to the bathroom or else kevin will wponder what is going on I told her but when you get to the top of the stairs I want you to pull your skirt up to your waist and show me properly ,she climbed to the top of the stairs duly obliging me by pulling her skirt up to her waist fully exposing herself to me ,gorgeous I applauded but now go to the bathroom and take your panties off and do not put them on when you come back down this shocked her but I turned round and went into the kitchen to make the drinks I heard her coming back down the stairs ,show me I told her she fidgetted show me I told her once more she raised her skirt her panties still in place she began to speak but I walked past her into the room ,Kevin I asked would you please go to the shop and get some milk so I can make a drink gave him the money and morosely of he trotted I knew he wouldn,t be gone long ,come through I said to susan looking her straight in the face wny? I asked she didn,t reply just stood there .you know I need you to do this don,t you she nodded right then over here before kevin come,s back take off your panties raise your skirt and bend over the couch she flinched but raised her skirt to show of her lovely young legs and hesitatingly took hold of her panties which I noticed now had a very damp spot underneath now I was sure she wanted me to teach her she bent over the couch with her skirt raised showing her lovely pert bottom my **** was stretching my trousers to the limit by now and I gave her two firm slaps on the bottom which left pink handprints not too hard as I am not a sadist I didn,t want to frighten her but as I stroked her bottom her breathing told me this was not the case I told her to pull her skirt up but leave her panties off which she did and sat back down just as kevin came back with the milk Iwent and made the drinks came back and sat down kevin resumed his game susan sat fidgeting looking at me I looked directly at her legs and she slowly began to open them treating me to a glorious look at her ***** I drank my tea and said I would leave them alone susan said she would help me clear up as we went out of the door skirt I said and she immediately pulled it up .in the kitchen I told her tommorow we must start on showing your breasts her eyes glazed as i told her to come back tommorow stockings of course but buttoned down blouse and skimpy bra and I would begin the next lessopn ,you better go through I said or kevin will begin to wonder where you are but before you go let me show you what you do to me I said as I took out my by now very erect **** I swear to this day she shuddered as I allowed her to stoke it ,but I sent her back through not wanting any suspicions to spoil my future plans not believing kevin doesn,t realise what he,s got or missing
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I just love stocking tops and suspenders

Liked your story about Susan.

Absolutely brilliant.

You are a saucy horny man that writes a good story.

susan sounds like a lovely girl. your very lucky.